The Chinese civilization should rewrite? Qin shi huang stared a big lie

in recent years, the central plains of the origin of Chinese civilization tradition has been an increasing number of experts, who have the courage to explore the archaeologist, historian, put the vision to liaohe basin. Unearthed a large number of material evidence shows that 5500 years ago, in liaohe river basin in the north of China does exist a powerful tribes, they established countries, with their leader, in the prairie, farming, Marine three forms of unique living environment, create advanced productive forces and splendid civilization, which triggered a series of sensitive topic sobering & ndash; & ndash; On the edge of the yellow emperor was born in liaohe ZhuanXu mausoleum yiwulu mountain, origin of human civilization in the north & hellip; & hellip; Etc., etc.

really? The false? Legend has it that? Historical facts? To explore how, in a month of archaeological retraces the reporters almost visited the whole western liaoning, fuxin, chaoyang, north ticket, yi county, jinzhou, anshan, haicheng, xiuyan & hellip; & hellip; Including Inner Mongolia chifeng, travel nearly thousands of miles, almost every time, thinks that he saw and heard in almost subversive impact, correction and even reverse our deep-rooted mind-set.

& other; First emperor & throughout; Built a still make people proud of the Great Wall, since then, a long wall points north and south, the vast mountains and rivers of the Chinese shenzhou 40 degrees north latitude and forcibly cut, cut out of the farming and nomadic people divide, the etiquette and the Great Wall cut out of the central plains of hu DE civilization!

Fairbanks, desolate, savage, and backward & hellip; & hellip; In one thousand after long years, and became a synonym for liao river north of the Great Wall.


China on the qin a big when

think that China’s cultural and ethnic groups are south of the Great Wall, it is a big mistake, we should be realized!

in authority archeologist’s desk, placed the errata rectifying another kind of material and textual research. Li Ji and Su Bingqi is one of the big dipper of Chinese archaeology, two master for future generations left two pieces of such challenges traditional wise inference, entered the fog.

Mr Li Ji & other; North of the Great Wall, commanding his & throughout; The said. By the reconstruction of Chinese ancient history and its problems, such as articles, he has repeatedly called on everyone to pay special attention to liaohe through the north. He said: & other; Chinese people should pay attention in the north, ignoring the history of the north, and our folk and culture of the original, is still sinking in & lsquo; Black & rsquo; The chaotic state. For over two thousand years, historians of China, the qin a big when. Think that China’s cultural and ethnic groups are south of the Great Wall, it is a big mistake, we should be realized! & hellip; & hellip; As to research in Chinese ancient history we learn for professional people, should have a new slogan, that is down to the Great Wall self-styled Chinese cultural viewpoint, with our eyes, our legs, to the north of the Great Wall to find information in ancient Chinese, there are our older home. Throughout the &;

Mr Su Bingqi is ranked in the north the national six major archaeological culture area is highest. When the western liaoning region in the early 1980 s new archaeological finds of hongshan culture just outcrops, he toured NiuHe beam and other archaeological investigation, put forward & other; Throughout the Chinese five thousand years civilization dawn &; And & other Ancient country with ancient culture & throughout; The guiding opinions. In his thinking about rebuilding the prehistory of China “, he is more vividly presented, liaohe river basin in the process of the origin of Chinese civilization & other; Walk first one step & throughout; The new way of thinking. His argument is: & other; All is not the earliest from the development order, the central plains, not from the central plains to the surrounding radiation. From the early paleolithic period to neolithic, probably earlier than the haihe river water system, liaohe basin of haihe river water system and than earlier in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Haicheng the xiaogushan remains, according to a 40000 – year – old uranium series analysis, the earliest known to have s darts, barbed spear, face drilling hole with two spicule, show the obvious progress, longer than upper cave spicule progress. This finding suggests that: the upper paleolithic, in liaohe river basin as a center, leads to cultural development, to the leading status of liaohe river neolithic culture laid a foundation. Fuxin check jade sea 8000 years ago and later hongshan culture & lsquo; The altar, temple, burial & rsquo; Discovery, is the most evidence that liaohe basin leading position. Throughout the &;

by Li Ji, Su Bingqi two master thinking guidance, the whole Chinese civilization should rewrite now! Disregard all previous for liaohe civilization, despise, discrimination and so on a variety of stubborn ideas need to be re-evaluated.

out of liaoning China ancient civilization is difficult to say 5000

in is located in liaoning NiuHe beam before the temple and the altar, the rubble mound found, the Chinese civilization for nearly one thousand years later than the Indian civilization, later than two river basin, Egypt for nearly 1500 years!

face continuously explain unearthed archaeological evidence, in the face of archaeologists and historians rigorous search, we can confidently say, xia before the Chinese ancient civilization, namely we often say & other; Three sovereigns & throughout; Age, missing crucial & other; Liaohe article & throughout; And don’t make sense in logic; Since the spring and autumn period and the warring states period to the han, three kingdoms, the southern and northern dynasties in the 5th to the sui and tang dynasties, until the follow-up of the liao, jin, yuan and qing, not coordinate adjustment of the traditional thinking, not correct stale hua yi bian, don’t pay attention to in the Chinese history very important & other Liaohe throughout time and space &; , we cannot be comprehensive, objective, fair and calmly analyze the origin of our nation and our culture history, history of development and integration, it is not true!

at the archaeology, authorities decided that screening criteria of early human civilization is not a myth legend, but the obvious physical objects, such as text, ancient city, temple, and according to the strict standards, China only 4000 years of civilization, the ranks of the world’s leading 5000 ancient civilization was ineligible dignitaries.

the famous archaeologist said Mr Guo Dashun solemnly, two river basin (Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in today in Iraq) have ur temple, there was the pyramids in Egypt, and India have MoHeng sleep of the ancient city, the Greek Minoan civilization. In liaoning NiuHe beam of the temple and the altar, the rubble mound found before, the Chinese civilization for nearly one thousand years later than the Indian civilization, later than two river basin, Egypt for nearly 1500 years! NiuHe beam site will forward for advancing Chinese civilization for 1000 years, we can say that without the liaoning, China, it is not in the true sense of ancient civilization in 5000?

it is far from over here. Standing in front of the ruins of NiuHe beam, Mr Su Bingqi issued such a heavy fateful word: & other; The yellow emperor era activity center, only the space-time frame of hongshan culture and accordingly. Throughout the &; Today, the Chinese people proudly claim that our descendants of the yellow emperor, the descendants of the dragon, so, the yellow emperor come from? Dragon come from? Su Bingqi archaeological authority such as the roots of the camels look to the Great Wall, locking the liaoning province.

with such thinking, we have to make a series of questions through time? NiuHe beam the temple in the face of the statue of liberty with mysterious smile, is the myths and legends of nuwa ancestors? Dai Yuhuan NiuHe beam rubble large tomb, the ears, chest GouYun wek-jin, hand jade turtle five thousand bones, why his all characteristics that we produce & other; He is a yellow emperor & throughout; Subconscious lenovo? 8000 – year – old fuxin chahai site pendulum model dragon, is the earliest domestic so far found the dragon shape, does that mean that the Chinese nation’s & other; The dragon totem & throughout; Originated in liaoning? If you can wang located in anshan, the xiaogushan, grave ditch, stone mountain of the town of wood haicheng analysis etc, witnessed by an orderly marks, chipped traces in the square, cross constitute a mysterious group of signs, do not wonderful legends about shu, imagine the I ching gossip of ancient origin, extensive and profound of liaohe river civilization be vividly portrayed in your mind?