The city of “death” the bridge that promote goal prison closed Never escaped the prisoner (FIG.)

& have spent & other; Throughout the first prison far east &; Is considered to be & other; Function throughout island &;

our correspondent selphie from Shanghai

the British built in 1903, called & other; The city of death throughout the &; Shanghai bridge that promote goal of prison, and is still in use of China’s oldest prison. But it seems really to say goodbye to Shanghai residents.

in 2020, Shanghai’s population soared to 30 million, which is located in the downtown of prison have occupied the precious land, become the city transformation and the development & other; A stumbling block & throughout; . According to the official news, in 110 to celebrate the first prisoners, Shanghai bridge that promote goal prison has identified will be shut down.

& other; Is not only a bridge that promote goal prison, the bridge that promote goal surrounding area in north bund development planning. Throughout the &; Of architecture and urban planning in tongji university, professor, doctoral supervisor ruan yisan, made in 2005, the bridge that promote goal to protect historical and cultural areas and regulation construction of detailed rules “, the “detailed rules” belonging to the Shanghai urban planning administration specialized organization & other The protection plan & throughout; Team, led by Shanghai urban planning administration landscape place, and in the same year, with the approval of the Shanghai municipal government approval, and ruan yisan also confirmed to the time weekly press will participate in the planning meeting. & other; We will keep worth keeping, but urban reform and development is the inevitable trend. Throughout the &;

& other; Throughout the first prison far east &; The bridge that promote goal, has to make way for the Shanghai north bund area development.

& other; Function throughout island &;

in the north bund development of the surrounding environment, including the bridge that promote goal prison, the entire bridge that promote goal to historic district, mottled walls, crumbling lanes, already and the surrounding the large-scale construction & other; Alien & throughout; . Paradoxically its location & ndash; From Shanghai’s most prestigious bund only two kilometers, high-rise buildings in pudong also faintly visible, through the newly built road tunnel close to the prosperous lujiazui & ndash; Here is the downtown of Shanghai, but it is a the corner that is forgotten by people downtown.

with the Shanghai prison on the west side of the bridge that promote goal of one wall lie between, a three-story buildings, single-family into court. Near the prison on one side of the courtyard, there is a more than a metre wide iron gate, is the only entrance to the building.

& other; The building age can be for a long time, is the British people in the building of the prison, together with cover, long ago is British prison dormitory. Throughout the &; Nearly 70 – year – old Zhao Dongli old man in the iron next to a newsstand, he is one of the former residents of the building. The former state-owned enterprise workers, after retirement pension by the month, and now runs a newsstand, do not have too much concern, and let him full belly bitterness is living conditions.

& other; A family of five people, all crowded in less than 100 square meters of house, a little have some money of the local residents in other places to buy the house moved out. Throughout the &; Zhao Dongli the old man said, what you live in the residential buildings in three layers, it is lived more than 10 households, almost every area per capita is less than 20 square meters. Light in the corridor is very dark, mottled walls fall off with a touch of the hand, families of kitchen utensils and appliances with the narrow corridor, corridor. & other; To save where children live is bunk bed, dinner table can be folded. Throughout the &;

Zhao Dongli residential buildings in the old man’s, is the bridge that promote goal residents living conditions generally reflect the surrounding the prison. And despite residents living conditions & other; Constraint & throughout; The bridge that promote goal along the street around the prison business class is generally lower. According to the time weekly reporter of observation, some short-term lease small restaurants, repair shops, retail shops, boutiques, guesthouses, with most of the buildings along the street, and in the back side of the bridge that promote goal prison, went down the street vendors set up the stand, porcelain vases, large and small pot set all over the floor.

in stark contrast, is not far from neusoft road is in full swing construction international square across the huangpu river, the green pu and commercial building, as well as the basic completion has not yet been put into use Bai Jinwan square & ndash; Banyan tree ZhuangChao five-star boutique hotel, the first, third generation office building in Shanghai puxi, luxury goods center, private yacht dock, 5 a grade a standard, all the words in the neighbourhood to the bridge that promote goal & other Dwarf & throughout; .

in fact, according to a 2009 approved the detailed planning of the north bund community, the bridge that promote goal of prison and its surrounding buildings was also should have with pujiang international financial plaza, Bai Jinwan square plots the same & other; The prosperous & throughout; Fate. According to the plan, & other; Bridge that promote goal prison function of the land into the urban renewal and replacement, the replacement for the commercial, cultural and commercial complex & throughout; .

but in recent years, the bridge that promote goal as & other; Function throughout island &; And a certain sense of & other; North bund development obstacle & throughout; The role of, also caused the Shanghai people’s congress, several proposals for the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC).

at the end of 2011, hongkou district, chairman of the CPPCC GuanWeiYong, joint Xu Huqing, British roots and Mao Jialiang CPPCC Shanghai, put forward about the bridge that promote goal with a variety of forms the idea of function transformation of the prison.

and, in early 2012, GuanWeiYong, MiaoXiaoBao, Han Sheng, Guo Xiang, jian-hua shi, Fang Huaijin members jointly submit again on the bridge that promote goal of Shanghai prison currently use function adjustment suggestion “proposal.

they reiterated that the current north bund in Shanghai international shipping center and international financial center core functionality & other; Double bearing area throughout the &; , the greatly speed up the construction of nearly 3000 shipping service industry in north bund. At the same time, the old district reconstruction work in the region are also accelerating. Bridge that promote goal of prison function adjustment if not start as soon as possible, so as the north bund area & other Function throughout island &; , & other; Restricted function of the north bund area, affected areas throughout the overall image and investment & development environment; .

and & other; Old prison facilities condition and the function layout has held do not meet the requirements of the provisions of the relevant ministries and commissions of the state & throughout; , it is suggested that the & other; Move out & throughout; Prison, adjust current address function. This a few members, MiaoXiaoBao committee secretary of the CPC committee of Shanghai municipal bureau of the first political commissar, director, municipal bureau of prisons.

in the same year, Shanghai & other; The two sessions & throughout; During Lv Yongming, Pan Xinjun, Yao Dongning part of the municipal people’s representatives to the Shanghai municipal people’s congress, submit a report on the bridge that promote goal to move the prison written opinions, advice from the long-term development of cities and prison authorities management career health sustainable development point of view, break through the bottleneck, will & other; Function throughout island &; As soon as possible & other; Teng cage for a bird & throughout; From the city center migration. Among them, a former President of bailian group Lv Yongming, vice director of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Shanghai.

& other; Huge cost price & throughout;

however, the desire of the side is Shanghai dignitaries from all walks of life development, the bridge that promote goal residents expect resettlement away from the crowded, and disorderly unbearable life appeal, one side is the bridge that promote goal area special construction conditions, cause it has been neglected, eventually become & other; Chicken ribs & throughout; In the reality.

& other; At present, a lot of left over from the old to plot, belong to tough & lsquo; Bones & rsquo; , population density, building density not only, and market operation effect is poor, cash balance difficult. Under the background of rising prices, the actual compensation considerably more than the original house value, demolition costs are difficult to control. Throughout the &; One of Shanghai hongkou district housing authority not to be named personnel nailed & other; Cat & throughout; .

the source of this claim, and UNESCO world heritage site in the asia-pacific region training and research center director Dr Zhang Yanhua do in bridge that promote goal to historic reserve is basic to the research result. Since the 1990 s Shanghai to carry out large scale renovation, dangerous tent with the bridge that promote goal today have been slow to enter the scope of the old city reconstruction & other; Huge cost price & throughout; Is the most important reasons.

& other; The development of Shanghai xintiandi is invested cost is much bigger than new buildings, Ryan group reserves and fix the shikumen architectural skin, is used for building wall injected with a special potion. Reference xintiandi mode, if the bridge that promote goal prison prison only internal construction development costs, will be considerable. Coupled with the factors of population density, the density of houses near the resettlement fees will be expensive. Throughout the &; The disclosure of room canal bureau.

and the corresponding chain reaction, which is the bridge that promote goal of historical and cultural areas of real estate development project investment payback period will be longer than the general real estate projects.

scholars Wang Rentao, Zhang Yanhua in 2004 for the bridge that promote goal of historical and cultural style of the real estate project economic evaluation. Evaluation objects for the bridge that promote goal to protect historical and cultural areas to build detailed rules and regulation, division of 31 block & ndash; In addition to 16 plots belonged to outstanding buildings, temples, elementary school, the hotel does not involve change purpose, such as the rest of the 15 plot will be protected, new, six of them will develop new field, nine protection block buildings will be put on the use of the change management. .

according to the data of the time, combined with cost method, market comparison method, a variety of evaluation methods, such as assuming KaiFaFa king, Zhang Erren research revealed that the rental model calculation, the bridge that promote goal historical cultural view sections and economic evaluation of the measuring block a total development cost of 36, 200 million yuan, 10, 15 years, 2 0 years operating income of 2.4 billion yuan, 40, 100 million yuan, 59, 600 million yuan, the investment rate is 33% respectively, 1 0. 8% and 64. 6%, to 14 year period is roughly balanced development cost and revenue.

and calculated on rental mode, landscape area economic evaluation is calculated on the total development cost is 3.62 billion yuan, 10, 15 years, 20 years operation profit is 3.35 billion yuan, 44, 400 million yuan, 5.76 billion yuan, the investment rate – 7%, 7% and 22.7%, respectively, to 12 years period is roughly balanced development cost and revenue.

although due to the time factor, the data have a certain degree to rise, but Wang Rentao, Zhang Yanhua study of general conclusion still has reference value: & other; In the historical and cultural areas of real estate development project investment payback period is longer than the general real estate projects. General normal payback period is 5 to 7 years of real estate projects, but this style in payback period according to the lease and rental model calculation is 14 years and 12 years respectively. Throughout the &;

key to return to see & other; Plot ratio & throughout;

& other; The key is to see how much volume rate. History style and many buildings can’t dismantle part can’t change the fact that, but add up how much is flexible. Throughout the &; A real estate investment analysis of the personage inside course of study to the time weekly press, now sure you want to develop the bridge that promote goal of prison and its surrounding area, finally the discretion of the plot ratio is the key to attract investment.

what is the volume? Plot ratio is the ratio of total building area and land area. In a nutshell, 10000 square meters of land to build 10000 square meters building, plot ratio is 1, building area of 20000 square meters building, plot ratio is 2. For developers, plot ratio is an important factor to decide how much profit, is a big key means of compensation costs.

and in view of the bridge that promote goal the particularity of the development of historical and cultural areas, as early as in 2005, professor ruan yisan led do planning, also for & other; Plot ratio & throughout; Issue as advice.

& other; Because the bridge that promote goal protection planning involved in the implementation of the project, the district government and the investors of the project feasibility are extremely concerned about. Protection planning in the bridge that promote goal areas also comes with a research site, which allows to build two high-rise building, as the internal protection and restoration of investors in the areas of historic buildings volume rate of compensation, in addition, within the scope of construction control in urban design considerations, allow between several independent original high-rise building build a 40 meters high. Peripheral set corresponding planning Suggestions in areas & lsquo; Plot ratio compensation area & rsquo; , or take other feasible economic incentive policies, arouse the enthusiasm of investors investment protection. Throughout the &;

however, the real estate investment that professor ruan yisan, & other; Plot ratio compensation & throughout; Advice & other; Relatively conservative & throughout; . & other; In fact, professor ruan’s advice is more standing in the perspective of historical building protection, but of course from the perspective of investors pay more attention to interests. Finally the relevant departments of the decisions on plot ratio, building protection and commercial interests of the game. In addition, governments may also do a certain amount of economic compensation. Like xintiandi, Shanghai government is actively invested 300 million yuan. Throughout the &;

& other; Bridge that promote goal, of course, the prison compound has obvious historical and cultural heritage value, so its appreciation potential is significantly higher than other real estate projects is also worth considering. Throughout the &; The people in the real estate investment analysis.

time weekly reporter also confirmed in professor ruan yisan, place, and his early planning & other; Prison construction throughout all keep &; Different, & other; The bridge that promote goal prison will shut down and get full protection is a fact. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull