“The college” kinder feng shui training course A month and a half for sixteen thousand

at the moment, Chinese learning is a hot word, all kinds of various training courses are also popular. However, some training classes are playing & other Traditional Chinese & throughout; Content, such as banner, to teach is gossip cost is still surprisingly high.

recently, a & other; Name of zhouyi feng shui training & throughout; Posted admissions, tuition providers of 16000 yuan. Modern express reporter on-site visit, after hearing after class, feel the fog, could not understand completely.

Market chaos

all kinds of training classes, various fees are a scenario-in high

in recent years, many scholars of traditional Chinese literature, have called for promoting learning traditional Chinese culture, don’t be ungrateful. Then, the community launched a & other; Chinese hot & throughout; And many governments to open up the Chinese learning class.

because many participants, the training is also a scenario-in charge high prices. One well-known nanjing university of traditional Chinese training classes have more than 10, one & other; Chinese traditional learning and throughout the future leader & wisdom; Course, learning “the analects”, “disciple gauge” and “xiao”, and brush up on the morning reading, eloquent speech, learning summary. 4 days course, tuition fee of 4800 yuan, registration fee of 200 yuan.

if I can learn the essence of Chinese traditional culture from the Chinese training classes, charging high’s fine. But reporters found that many training course seems to be changed.

in the baidu search & other; Zhouyi throughout Chinese training &; , suddenly jump out as many & other; Senior workshop & throughout; , & other Classic training & throughout; , training content including see feng shui, name, avoid benmingnian appropriate, etc.

reporter discovery, such & other; Feng shui training & throughout; And the tuition is very expensive.

street opened many & other; Feng shui shop & throughout; Business is good, most

in downtown nanjing, there are many with & other; Feng shui & throughout; Store, called the zhouyi pavilion, called benmingnian gift shop. Unlike ordinary shop, shop display is simple, the clerk mostly very & other; Classical & throughout; , bearing style sven.

book in nanjing city, a pavilion, the reporter sees, more than 10 square metre only, and sections is put inside the counter with all kinds of charms, colourful, look from the exterior, with scenic area almost sell souvenirs of the counter. The shopkeeper sitting on the counter, store to see the guests.

, by contrast, benmingnian gift shop business is much better. In the north of a small shop, several customers in selecting gifts, said a woman, is her husband’s year next year, heard that is a red belt can ward off evil spirits, he come to buy.

reporter experience

tuition sixteen thousand training course, what can learn & ndash; & ndash;

a & other; Feng shui class & throughout; , hear the reporter fog

modern express reporter yesterday saw a posts on the net, a nanjing institute of the zhouyi feng shui training name fortune-teller programs, place in xinjiekou shek kwu LuJianHua tower. Postings, said everyone know can change with the power of feng shui to run, but please come and help you adjust a feng shui feng shui master less several thousand dollars, more than tens of thousands of yuan, is too expensive! And now the industry is good and evil people mixed up, may be you spent money is less than the real master, please, so not as good as his own class study of zhouyi.

however, released by the net post training course the price is not low, school 4 class, including feng shui, SiZhuBaZi, the name and date, cost 18000 yuan, & other; BaoJiao package, practicality is very strong, learned to set up shop independently. Throughout the &;

at noon yesterday, modern express reporter called training course registration, a woman said, the training is to class, can be free listen first, at 2:30 in the afternoon class. The woman also has a register of the reporter’s phone number.

reporters on the afternoon of the JHF building, find the zhouyi feng shui training course, an enter a door to see a couple of desks, staff warmly greeting, & other; You are XXX, fast in class! Throughout the &;

there is a room for more than 10 square meters, the middle with a big table, surrounded by five students, a clipboard, hanging on the wall in a Chinese style shirt middle-aged man standing at the table, was a lecture.

see a middle-aged man on the tablet on the wall & other; , afternoon, wood prosperous water shrinkage, water flourishing wood float & throughout; Such as word, and then began to explain, marriage eight words, based on the five elements of Yin and Yang, etc. Man does not stop asking questions, communicate with students.

then again for a man to come to class, began to explain & other; Children can at noon, afternoon can punch & throughout; And so on. Upon hearing this, journalists feel fog.

after class, the reporter understands when talking to the students, the five students are to register the training, and teaching materials are the four pillars practical tutorial.

& other; Cost more than ten thousand yuan to participate in the training, after go out to open a shop to make money? Throughout the &; The reporter asked.

& other; Open a shop not easy ah, that have to very high levels, each one is different. Throughout the &; A student said.

lectures man tells a reporter, they open book training classes for many years, mainly explains feng shui, SiZhuBaZi, the name, registration fee of 18000 yuan per person at ordinary times, now is summer, May 9 discount, cheaper, only charge 16000 yuan, a class about five hours a day, before and after a month and a half time.

see the reporter to leave, the staff to reporters to pay a registration fee, reporters on the grounds that the first to go and consider, and left.

experts view

ma did not: we are too far from the traditional sinology

view restoring museum curator, well-known scholars ma did not told modern express reporter in an interview yesterday, now many people no matter really, deep shallow, are all in the name of traditional sinology, or held various training courses, or business novel and unique shops, show a kind of social chaos. In fact, Chinese is not listening to a few class can become more proficient, for we are too far away from their Chinese learning. Quick buck type of traditional sinology hot with disdain appeared in the history of Chinese learning, is not a correct attitude towards traditional sinology.

phenomenon in high fees and ma did not regrets, now many training classes, including university graduate school of business, what high degree courses offered are to make money, education become tools for making money is not should.