The communist party of China first & quot; Double agents & quot; : because of a traitor betrayed by the killing

the communist party of China in the early & other; Throughout four jie & intelligence; The money and fly,, li hu at the end of the story is well known, but little-known BaoJunFu experiences. He is in the development of our party in the kuomintang secret service first secret agent, his intelligence work experience? Then why was unknown? Recently BaoJunFu daughter bao meiyun, zhuhai municipal party committee party history research zhi-yi he told the reporter BaoJunFu little-known agents of the career experience.

the development of our party first & other; Double agents & throughout;

in 1928, under the efforts of people, such as, success in the kuomintang secret service development within the party of the first important & other; Double agents & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The kuomintang (KMT), based in Shanghai ombudsman Yang Dengying (BaoJunFu). In the kuomintang secret service positions Yang Dengying, how the relationship with our party connected to?

Yang Dengying, formerly known as BaoJunFu, born in 1901 in xiangshan county (now zhongshan city), guangdong province in the early years studying in Japan, after returning to Shanghai in 1919. Revolution failed, he was involved in & other; For Chiang movement & throughout; Bail was arrested after by CAI yuanpei, secluded in Shanghai, during which met fellow jian-hong Yang, jian-hong Yang later joined the KMT central organization department bureau (middle), and woo BaoJunFu as his deputy. In early 1928, the communist party member raise hill in zhejiang armed Chen went to Shanghai, after a failed uprising was placed in the communist party of China central special operations department (hereinafter referred to as the central turco), during which met BaoJunFu, BaoJunFu the fate of the change from now on.

& other; Have known BaoJunFu raise hill 1925, Chen Chen was a mountain farmers speak and students often go to the post office in Shanghai to get guangzhou mailing to the progress of publication, BaoJunFu sometimes go to help, also help raise hill Chen in Shanghai public concession receiving found a safe place, two people have a good relationship. Throughout the &; The zhuhai municipal party committee party history research zhi-yi he told reporters.

raise hill Chen learned BaoJunFu enemy spy agencies work in Shanghai, would he want to develop our intelligence. He began to let BaoJunFu attend meetings in the underground, BaoJunFu offered to the kuomintang spy intelligence activities in Shanghai told Chen mountain. After a period of investigation, in May 1928, Chen Geng with BaoJunFu avenue joffre cafe in interview, a formal BaoJunFu absorption into the central committee of the communist party of China says two members of the family, by turco intelligence division deputy section chief, Chen Geng assistant Liu Ding single line contact with him, and sent the desheng as his security work.

the central turco in sichuan road north Delhi’s across the street set up & other; Yang Dengying office & throughout; . To tie in with BaoJunFu & other; Double agents & throughout; The role of the central says to send him some irrelevant file, deliberately said some transfer activity stronghold, let BaoJunFu show people & other; Investigation & throughout; Contributions. BaoJunFu gradually obtain the trust of the spy chief vladimiro li-fu Chen, 1929, was formally appointed correspondent in Shanghai. Central turco in funding particularly difficult situation at the time, also make an exception and configured with a senior car for him, to help improve his social status. BaoJunFu soon two battles with the kuomintang party headquarters in Shanghai, Shanghai garrison command, concession, set up the upper echelons of police station.

evidence: repeatedly repeatedly rescue comrade arrested

defeat buoyant rescue

rooting out traitors to inform zhou enlai prevention rescue GuanXiangYing

in August 1929, the CPC central military commission, Yang Yan, YanChangYi buoyant and others because of a traitor Bai Xin betrayed, was arrested and jailed, zhou enlai, Chen Geng instructed rescue, ascertain BaoJunFu from spy mouth, peng was held in Shanghai longhua prison, and Chiang kai-shek has ordered the executions, execution time on August 30th. Later, zhou enlai, Chen Geng rescue, according to intelligence organization BaoJunFu again secretly convey to the prison of peng rescue plan, tell them in the van on the way there will be a carjacking underground fighters reinforce. Behold the day suddenly two hours before the paddy wagon, rescue defeat.

rooting out traitors

Bai Xin the defection of threatening the safety of many party members, zhou enlai and is responsible for the central turco Chen Geng lookup, but details of Bai Xin whereabouts have been difficult to determine. BaoJunFu used his job at the secret service relationship, investigation to Bai Xin lived in the standing committee of the KMT party headquarters in Shanghai fei for wave, and is going to move elsewhere. BaoJunFu borrow keeps off in the name of it in the chat with Bai Xin his travel route and time, and in a timely manner by Liu Ding passed to Chen Geng, central turco according to intelligence, then organized armed personnel to remove the traitors.

notice zhou enlai against

in September 1929, the CPC central committee jen pi-shih misfortune was arrested by the KMT agents in Shanghai, the BaoJunFu mediation, party organizations successfully rescued jen pi-shih.

& other; BaoJunFu has provided an important intelligence, let zhou enlai huaxianweiyi. Throughout the &; Zhi-yi he said that in April 1930, the first hong huang (the first phase of the whampoa military academy students), the former Soviet union, party organization arranged for him to go to jiangxi Soviet area originally, in touch with him by premier zhou enlai on behalf of the Chinese communist party. Who knows the first hong huang to revolutionary pessimistic disappointment, and secret letter of Chiang kai-shek, ready to betray his meeting with zhou enlai address, Chiang kai-shek command spy chief vladimiro Xu Enceng is responsible for this matter. & other; Xu Enceng at the gate of nanjing road BaoJunFu and others was sent to the post office and the first joint hong huang, discuss ambush conspiracy. BaoJunFu learned rapidly after contact Liu Ding, passing the first hong huang defected intelligence, central take timely measures to prevent and avoid a crisis from happening. Throughout the &;

save GuanXiangYing

early spring of 1931, international settlement, police station in Shanghai union authorities seized, the arrest of the political bureau of the CPC central committee alternate committee member GuanXiangYing (not his real name lyn), and in his search to live out a trunk of top secret documents, concession on the temporary pending due to look not to understand Chinese. The kuomintang (KMT), is put forward by the ombudsman to clean up files, concession, on the head with the BaoJunFu a good relationship, agreed to let him come to processing. BaoJunFu according to the instruction from the Chen Geng, & other; The communist party of China (document experts throughout the &; (by Liu Ding pretending) to the police station & other; Identification documents & throughout; , and it is suggested that file back careful study. A few days later, BaoJunFu and Liu Ding to return some false files carefully copied police station, said these files are & other; Academic research materials & throughout; , those arrested was a & other; The radical scholar & throughout; . Police station has heard & other; The research conclusion & throughout; , thought GuanXiangYing not political horn, will he passed to longhua garrison command jails, BaoJunFu multilateral mediation and use of internal relations, eight months later, GuanXiangYing to & other; Accidentally caught & throughout; Be bailed out of jail.

because a traitor betray termination agent career

unknown until his death in nanjing

in April, 1931, was arrested Gu Shunzhang mutiny, BaoJunFu influenced by secret detention, also lost contact with the central turco personnel. Since BaoJunFu is one single leadership directly, zhou enlai, Chen Geng Gu Shunzhang don’t know his identity, BaoJunFu for & other; Dereliction of duty & throughout; Being held. In 1932, BaoJunFu was his old boss chang tao-fan bailed out of jail, secluded in Shanghai, and other Later, the kuomintang (KMT), and appointed him as nanjing & lsquo; Reflect on court & rsquo; By suspicion, vice President, he is responsible for handling some unimportant matters. BaoJunFu has completely from agent system at this time, lost contact with researchers in the field of the communist party also, for more than a decade has been lived a quiet life. Throughout the &; Zhi-yi he told reporters.

, bao meiyun BaoJunFu daughter recalls, 1934 years later, his father has been working in nanjing. By talking with guangdong regional accents, in the eyes of others, he is just a cantonese in nanjing, ordinary, obscurity for decades. The hometown people don’t know what he is, even with misinformation he was killed by the kuomintang. & other; Father usually few words, be humble, honest, never ask us his career, his life in his later years is very poor, sometimes put small stall outside sell some tea, cigarettes, household, seclusion, at ordinary times very low-key. Throughout the &;

& other; After the founding of new China, BaoJunFu have a son and a woman in Taiwan, at the time on both sides of the ideological barriers, deep BaoJunFu worry that their agents will experience involving children in Taiwan, plus he has worked in the kuomintang government for a long time, and therefore has not been reported to the government of the early work experience. Throughout the &; Zhi-yi he told reporters.

until March 1956, Chen Genglai visit to his father in nanjing, bao meiyun of brothers and sisters to know father early this experience gradually. Chen Gengceng sent a letter to prove BaoJunFu identity: & other; BaoJunFu is that with our relationship, since 1927, 1931 years ago who contact me on the job, in the meantime contribution to the party, I was arrested in nanjing military police headquarters prison with him, there is good performance this time, as a pseudo after the central rehab dean & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; During the BaoJunFu was & other; Not cooperate account evidence & throughout; Being targeted. Bao meiyun tells a reporter, mother Tan Xiuzhen later to go to Beijing to see his father, to persuade him not too stubborn, father said firmly, motioning with his hand, & other; Clearly no matter how can I talk nonsense? I said, someone is going to head to the ground! Throughout the &;

in December 1969, BaoJunFu died in Beijing, zhou enlai learned after instructed relevant departments & other; Take good care of BaoJunFu families. Throughout the &; BaoJunFu daughter bao meiyun, was transferred to nanjing work, take care of their mother sickly. In 1976, zhou enlai in serious illness had called Luo Qingchang and mentioned to him that the names of some little-known, including Yang Dengying (BaoJunFu) name, and bid & other; For these in our party is the most difficult period helped us, and don’t forget & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; IfengLogo (Zhang Yingwu)