The death of jin yong’s father ZhaMaoZhong: have overseas relationship status is the landlord

Hong Kong novelist Louis cha (essayist) status rarely said to his father. Appeal for fear of jin yong’s unpleasant memories, and few mentions his father. But in early 2000, jin yong ZhaMaoZhong himself about the father, he said in his autobiographical prose “on cloud” so a words: & other; From shandong army reached the appropriate officer’s hometown, appropriate officer father was convicted is landlord, oppressed the peasants, the death penalty. Appropriate officer in Hong Kong wept for three days and three night, sad I rectified, but he did not hate his father killed in the military. Because the whole of China to be put to death thousands of tens of thousands of landlords, this is upside down big divide. Throughout the &;

& other; Appropriate officer & throughout; ZhaMaoZhong is jin yong’s nickname, is his father to give up.

check wen qing jin yong’s grandfather had besides jin yong’s father, and her two sons and two daughters, is a big family. ZhaMaoZhong was born in 1897, ranking the third. His eldest brother is the qing dynasty scholar, second brother is his Chinese department of Peking University.

ZhaMaoZhong graduated from the university at the age of 22 home, property management, there is a bank.

the early establishment of the People’s Republic of China, a vigorous against counter-revolutionary movement across the country to expand, & other; Kill, guan, pipe & throughout; A three-pronged. Due to kill devolution approval, in some places the disorderly catching disorderly phenomena. ZhaMaoZhong because son in Hong Kong, natural be buckled & other; Foreign relations & throughout; Hat, to investigate and punish the landlord charges along with the

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(from celebrity biography Jiang Liangen. 9th 2011 article)