The death of qu yuan data processing: with princess chu’s tryst Were killed after the cast resin in the river

qu yuan is one of the greatest romantic poet in China, is China’s earliest known famous poet and a great politician. In the book of songs, on the basis of improve on the folk songs of chu, founded & other; Chu ci & throughout; This kind of poetry style, also created & other; Vanilla beauty & throughout; The tradition. “Li SAO”, “nine chapter”, “nine songs”, jiu ge is one of the main qu yuan’s masterpiece.

early king huai trust, qu yuan has been ZuoTu, chu, often talks with king huai state, participate in the development of the law, advocating clear testimonies, JuXian can, political reform, qi qin. Preside over foreign affairs at the same time, claims associated with qi chu, together against the state of qin. In qu yuan’s efforts, chu enhanced its national strength. But due to its own character uprightness and slanderers and exclude others, qu yuan by king huai gradually alienated. Qu yuan against king huai conclude with qin in 305 BC, the spines of the African union (au), huang chu still completely into the arms of the qin dynasty, the qu yuan was expelled king huai ying du, exiled to han north. Exile, qu yuan felt depressed and began to literary creation. His writing is luxuriant, strange imagination, metaphor is novel, the connotation of the profound, is permeated with ChuFeng attachment and for the people of chu patriotic enthusiasm, become one of the origins of the Chinese poetry literature. In 278 BC, the qin general leitian goes south, break the ying du, qu yuan under the despair and grief into stone miluo river and died. Legend has it that the local people dropped rice dumplings to feed fish in order to prevent the body of qu yuan by fish feed, then gradually formed a kind of memorial ceremony. After a year of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, people eat rice dumplings and rowing dragon boat to commemorate the great patriotic poet.

about qu yuan ZiChen miluo river, traditionally, there has been a lot of, but are far, I’m afraid is caused by different angles for the selected analysis, blanket, mainly has the following kinds.

the first statement was killed. It another way, in the qing dynasty scholar wang fuzhi gradually and guo moruo, represented by modern historians. They think the qu yuan was noble chu. Pre-qin period using packet feoff system, king is the Lord, relatives, personal relationship of related different packet to a different place when the seigneur, governors and in the same way the country to a different doctor. King ChuGuoHe other kingdoms is a little different, and the murder and no direct blood relationship, so in other governors can say & other Male & throughout; , & other Hou & throughout; When chu can claim to be the only king can use & other; The king & throughout; The title. The manner of chu also have this kind of relationship, sharing of qu yuan and king chu, so he told the king chu and chu, not only have a secretary, loyalty to the country, also have a difficult to cut off the blood affection. Wang fuzhi gradually believe in “chu ci tong shi”, qu yuan, so wrote the famous psalms “ai ying”, is due to lament the fall of ying du, temple country become barren hillocks of the debris, people displaced, chu king worthy of duct can not desperate to resist qin, chu perish just around the corner. Accordingly, most modern QuFu researchers think, qu yuan jiang because qin chu’s capital city, qu yuan to see countries perish, so jiang being held. Guo moruo wrote in “qu yuan to take an examination of” : & other; In the ying du breach of that year, qu yuan wrote a “mourning ying” & hellip; & hellip; He see but death, bitter people displaced, indignation is suicide. Throughout the &; In the great patriotic poet & ndash; qu yuan wrote & other; Qu yuan’s suicide, in fact is being difficult. Throughout the &;

there is a saying is the suggestion of chu of qu yuan to death. A say people see that qu yuan chu & other; Party & throughout; In court, the people can’t see the hope, no ZhongLiang, countries do not have the power of resisting foreign, chu will face a disaster of subjugation. Qu yuan was filled with saving the aspiring slanderers and exile, BaoGuoWuMen, he couldn’t get the body to fight the king chu lamented country, will not be achieved. Qu yuan was determined to die of despair to jolt bad king. Qu yuan in “li SAO” at the end of the article have & other; I will from the abode of peng salty & throughout; . Peng salt was a famous doctor, wise men Yin he had committed the admonition monarch, neglected, the last to die by drowning in anger. It seems the death of qu yuan’s & other; Resin throughout the suggestion &; , it is to learn from peng salty.

recently, somebody puts forward new views on the death of qu yuan, that is, qu yuan did not die from suicide, but was murdered. Qu yuan is a poet with romantic ideal, he wrote a lot of love poems, including “Mrs Xiang” is one of them.

this article research, we are judging by qu yuan, the humble attitude, & other; Mrs Xiang & throughout; Have a high status, and over the qu yuan himself, is likely to be one of the royal family; & other; Mrs Xiang & throughout; A striking beauty; & other; Mrs Xiang & throughout; Is already married, is conditioned by ethical moral codes of woman, she can’t meet qu yuan in public, but only ran to the field with a secret tryst. The title & other; Mrs Xiang & throughout; The & in the other Xiang & throughout; On behalf of chu, & other; Mrs & throughout; Is his wife. Control all the status of women in the palace, meet & other; Mrs Xiang & throughout; The four characteristics of the only king huai bestowed favor zheng sleeve.

relationship between qu yuan and his raven’s wife warm hide, after being king huai know led him in the name of the political exile qu yuan, he can no longer meet with zheng sleeve. Died in the state of qin in 296 BC, the king huai, return the remains of qin chu, & other; Way of flow, such as sadness throughout relatives &; . Truman officially crown prince to the king, is worthy of the duct to the king. Intriguingly, disheartened qu yuan after hearing according to but he couldn’t help cheer, ecstatic. Because of qu yuan believes his old lover & other; Mrs Xiang & throughout; Worthy of the duct will try their best to persuade the king, let him return to the capital, to hold power. But he did not think of, in order to prevent the qu yuan’s relationship with zheng sleeve, royal follow the commandment of king huai chu and sent to the killing of qu yuan. After event occurred is the miluo river today, soldiers eventually caught qu yuan, in the river will be packed into the bag after his assassination, bound tightly tied after stones into jiangxin, show the scene as grim a tragedy of history.

and dragon boat racing and popular and zongzi is also hints at the mob scene, with dragon boat racing metaphor when after qu yuan’s intense scenes; Metaphor with rice dumplings into the river of the miseries of qu yuan facts & ndash; Sticky rice symbolizes the body of qu yuan, leaves symbol recognized his bag, reed wire is a symbol of strapping sunder; And put the rice dumplings into the water, the truth of the symbol of the qu yuan was drowned.

qu yuan died of murder, of course, that is not real, just a guess, but who can say this speculation is not the fact of history?


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