The designer made wedding dress to send weighs 93.5 kg hair Lady Gaga

Ma Dien design wedding dress

made of hair dress

Ma Dien and her skirt design for up to 5 meters of wedding dress.

open two wedding dress store in London and Liverpool’s British wedding dress designer, & middot; Ma Dien specially for the production of special gypsy bride wedding dress, so girls is addressed by the homeless people and other The fairy godmother & throughout; . Channel 4 in the UK, a shooting gypsy wedding show was popular Ma Dien became famous. Recently, the Ma Dien was made with 250 meters really have a unique & other; Hair dress & throughout; That for shocking godmother Lady Gaga in concert in London. & other; Hair dress & throughout; After the British media reports, Ma Dien more fame. Writing and pictures finishing Lv Yun

designed for gypsy bride wedding dress

received great reputation

since the beginning of the year, one has to do with the wedding programs became the most-watched program channel 4, every Tuesday night broadcast, as early as 8 million audience waiting in front of the television to watch. Each episode is subject for roma’s wedding. There are about 12 million gypsies in Europe, with Britain in the territory about thirty or forty and ten thousand. This is not wealthy nation attaches great importance to the wedding. Enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained personality and gypsy girl also exposed at the wedding. Unlike ordinary British girls to wear the dress to comfortable, their favorite novel in the form of the wedding dress is more the pursuit of sensation, attract eyeball, jewelry ornament more many more good, even if need 24 petticoat, even if the skirt for up to 6 meters. A bride’s wedding dress to wear weighed about 120 kilograms, more than their weight. Sometimes wedding dress is too big and heavy, without help, it is difficult to through the doors of the church. Red, pink, purple, coral, gypsy bridesmaids on dress selection is also a not astonishing don’t give up. Some gypsy family is large, light bridesmaid there 12. Every gypsy bride after the wedding, it is said, found his skin was worn scar, bleeding and scar, for them, like the medal of honor, prove that they held a very enjoyable memorable wedding.

the gypsy on the television cameras the bride’s wedding dress, is it mostly by wedding dress designer m & middot; Ma Dien design. Heavy swarovski crystal, wings flap mechanical butterfly, built-in flash, was once used by Ma Dien ornament materials. Ma Dien tried, try to meet the requirements of gypsy girls, after all they put the wedding dress in particular is so important. Although Ma Dien refused to disclose customer information, but the British media from the various channels learned a gypsy wedding dress cost can be up to 15000 pounds to 50000 pounds.

& other; Hair dress & throughout; Weighs 93.5 kg

although in wedding dress design touch GunPa for more than 30 years, each having a wedding dress store in London and Liverpool, stylish Ma Dien real or after the channel 4 show hot. She is addressed by gypsy girls & other; The fairy godmother & throughout; , in the position in gypsy communities like Elizabeth & middot; Emanuel (Diana wedding dress designer) in the position of the British aristocracy.

now, order like snowflakes flying, her two wedding dress store both hands are full, had to increase staff.

recently, Ma Dien collaborate with eight stylist spent 12 days to finish the a value of 50000 pounds (about 500000 yuan) & other; Hair dress & throughout; , this global unique wedding dress full use to really have a piece of 250 metres. Ma Dien said, & other; Hair dress & throughout; Production process is complicated, need to sewing good article 12 cloth petticoat first, then on the earth slots on the slip layers distribution and embedded 1500 crystal, marriage gauze weight more than 93.5 kilograms.

Ma Dien said, Lady Gaga next time to the UK for a concert, she wanted to give Lady Gaga to wear the dress, because it is consistent with Lady Gaga, ferial dress grade.