The destruction of cultural relics punishment standard: India for 5000 rupees, or in prison

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in the journey to the west, there is such a scenario, the Monkey King in the Buddha finger write & other; Visit & throughout; . Now, some netizens found that & other; Visit & throughout; Have been engraved on the Egyptian temple. It was a lot of netizens as & other; Throw the face & throughout; At the same time, also reflects the culture of the poor. Why an attractions lettering name so popular? & other; Chinese tourism & throughout; The root cause of the?

the evening of May 24, Internet & other; The @ is empty swimming & throughout; Tweeting, said in Egypt luxor temple reliefs, saw & other; XXX to visit & throughout; A few words, netizens according to a variety of information, will be at the centre of graffiti parties pointed to a child.

since then, the children and their parents to the media to call actively, apologize to Egypt and the national attention, at the same time hope to get your forgiveness.

& other; Visit & throughout; Has a long history

in fact, tourism lettering as a souvenir, are very popular in the Chinese ancient scholars.

the ancient literati tour, pay attention to the human and the nature of the interaction, hope that through his poems created in the process of tourism, such as text, word, nominated calligraphy & other Culture & throughout; , to the landscape brightness, long life with heaven and earth. In Chinese eyes, life is life, if not leave some vestiges of the past, will rot with vegetation, this & other; The signature & throughout; Thought, the ancient has. So the ancients in travel, pay special attention to in some scenic spots, hope that through stone text and ruthless time counter.

this & other; Culture & throughout; Development to the present, the bailment feelings are no longer important, important is someone & other; Visit & throughout; And gradually become a headache problem. Large and small tourist attractions in China, in a variety of ways in all kinds of material & other; Visit & throughout; Phenomenon is not uncommon, the Great Wall have, have, mount tai, even have a tree.

in recent years, with the increase in the number of people traveling abroad, & other; Chinese scenery & throughout; Begin to appear in foreign sites. Such as the United States at the foot of the statue of liberty, was carved & other XXX to visit & throughout; ; St Paul’s cathedral in London, was carved & other Guoan is the champion & throughout; .

& other; Visit & throughout; Is not a special case. The net friend & other; Shshbly” In the BBS post said, go to mutianyu Great Wall play, see a lot of foreigners to leave a message, & other; Write full & throughout; . The net friend said in net post & other; Posting is not, of course, to defend the nation, the above behavior always shame. I hope we better as soon as possible. Throughout the &;

the name & other; Shines & throughout; Netizens Posting, said he was to travel to Spain, found on some sites were visitors with similar & other; Visit & throughout; The various language graffiti, & other; Filled can be filled into the position, although not all know the content of writing, but judging from the some time should also has a long history throughout the &; .

& other; Chinese tourism & throughout;

the tourism behavior of the ancients, generally exists in the following activities: friends and relatives for schooling, preach sermons, rich experience and set foot on the long travel, the more great searchings, the advocation & other Reading thousands of books, travelling & throughout; ; By reason of high rank, reviled by far out put on YouTu; For the moment for the purpose of short-term travel.

today, more people an opportunity to travel, but through the observation can be found that some Chinese travel like dragonfly water, basic are sleeping on it, some pictures, flag to report for duty, already accustomed to & other; Visit & throughout; Few fast food tour, open mind, embrace and feeling of lakes and mountains. To prove himself to here, is far more important than enjoying the view.

news information center, said zhou xiaoping, director of jiangsu province tourism administration for ordinary people, it is not easy to go out for a visit, to the destination, the excited mood, there is always a & other; What want to stay & throughout; The impulse.

about & other; Lettering photos & throughout; Problem, cyts Tours holding GeLei Marketing Department general manager thinks, because of some Chinese tourists has become a national tourist industry & other; Arm & throughout; From the government level will not have too much on uncivilized behavior. But in the folk, do exist some problems for Chinese tourists behavior. & other; Some places indicated in Chinese the prohibited behavior in particular, directivity is very strong. Throughout the &;