The discovery of ancient witchcraft curse lead plate engraved with 14 names upon the damned

Kent, east fary found ancient lead plate roll, carved with 14 name upon the damned. Found lead plate roll place used to be a farm, the ancient Romans specific location for a s can be traced back to 3 to 4 century building, may have been a temple.

lead plate volume 14 people’s name engraved in capital letters. An expert at the university of Oxford said they were cursed object. This is used to curse of lead plate volume was 3 years ago maidstone area archaeology organization in east fary found during mining, then to a series of tests to determine its purpose. Lead plate volume 10 cm long, 6 cm wide, 1 mm thick, is the ancient Greek and Roman era popular a kind of witchcraft. This kind of sorcery divine punishment cursed.

after etching the name of the damned, lead plate has been rolled up to cover up the name above. Then lead plate roll was nail into the wall of the temple, or into some close to the underground world, such as the tomb, springs or Wells. Lead plate volume was found in the Kent carefully rolled up and then buried. With the aid of scanning electron microscope, the researchers found the name on the Kent lead plate roll. (full)