The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as folk mother-in-law section Filial son-in-law this day send mother-in-law eggs

fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, folk in China, every Dragon Boat Festival son-in-law they all want to give my mother-in-law boxing, commonly known as & other; Send duanyang & throughout; , also known as the Dragon Boat Festival & other; Mother-in-law section & throughout; .

as the saying goes, & other; The mother-in-law see son-in-law watched the joy & throughout; Son-in-law, however, have to carefully. Son-in-law have the Dragon Boat Festival this day to honor his mother-in-law, according to “city county annals” (six years of dajing version) records: & other; On May 5th QinGu KuiYi zongzi, salted egg phase. Throughout the &; Give my mother-in-law & other; Send duanyang & throughout; A boxing to express gratitude, salted egg, preserved egg is indispensable. & other; Send duanyang & throughout; With desire & other; Positive & throughout; Is particularly important for future son-in-law, if the promised her boyfriend this day to their visit, the marriage is nine times out of ten. So, there are many young men in order to test the idea of the woman, to a round egg, is implicitly said & other; Hope to be able to become a member of the family (round) & throughout; .

the practice of giving eggs dragon boat after two thousand years. For the Dragon Boat Festival, god Dan company introduced the egg box & ndash; & ndash; & other; Send duanyang & throughout; To filial piety their elders, egg tastes pure and delicate, with a thick deep feeling more. The Dragon Boat Festival arrived, mother-in-law’s day arrived, a & other; Filial son-in-law & throughout; , please hurry to my mother-in-law & other; Send duanyang & throughout; !!!!