The Dutch take three years to build “Noah’s ark” can hold 125000 sheep (FIG.)

on July 12, the Dutch built howie booz & other; Noah’s ark & throughout; Parked in the Netherlands MEL wade river.

& have spent The bible & other; Noah’s ark & throughout; Must be even heard the story of the children, it is more than 4000 years ago, god sent to punish the world for the flood, Noah built by god entrust a giant ship help himself and his family and all sorts of animals survived the disaster. In real life, a Dutch man because many years ago a dream also according to the legend & other; Noah’s ark & throughout; Built a ship of the same size the size of the ship.

according to introducing, the Dutch howie, a Shared with my family for 3 years time to build the ark. Ark of the material, structure, and every detail are fully in accordance with the relevant paint of Noah’s ark of the bible. The ship & other; Throughout the ark &; 133 meters long, 22 meters wide, 13.5 meters high, total volume is equivalent to more than 520 standard of railway freight car, enough to accommodate more than 125000 ordinary animal the size of ram, is currently the world’s largest wooden boat. Howie, looking forward to driving the boat to travel around the world. Through inspection, however, he also needs to wait for the ark get sailing licensing. The ark set including Noah bedroom, lounge areas, and theaters, restaurants, and conference room can accommodate 1500 people. There is stone mill on the ark, to make & other; Throughout the bible bread &; ; The artist is the creator of the bible story painting on the wall. HuiBo, also plans to use about 1600 animals onto the ark life-sized plastic model.