The earliest Chinese love queen YanMingZhu: riding line drive everything (figure)


YanMingZhu is China’s first generation of female movie star, wujiang, jiangsu province. She was born in a family of poetry li, for his hometown in 1917 soldiers, along with the family moved to Shanghai, study in the famous Chinese and western girls. She is bright, natural disposition is lively, like dancing, swimming, singing, horse riding, will be driving, and can speak fluent English.

in 1921, YanMingZhu invited by the cuckoo play girl in the hai shi fu bead, became the first real heroine in Chinese film history. After she had taken the “heirloom”, “notes of gold”, “the pansi hole”, “the glad eye man,” Oriental nights, such as more than a dozen films, with handsome Ming yan’s appearance and famous, is the first send youth idol.

in 1935, YanMingZhu after starring in the peach blossom dreams one that walk away, has lived in Hong Kong, died in Hong Kong in 1989, aged 85.

on Chinese movie BaiNianShi, first by women served as the role of the film was shot in 1913, lai man-wai “zhuangzi play a wife”, to let his wife Li Dadan shanshan yan as a part in it. Yan in the movie act the role ofing, however, is only in a supporting role, the heroine chuang tzu’s wife still by lai man-wai cross-dressing. Over the next eight years, no actress in the film. In 1921, and finally a woman on the screen, that is YanMingZhu. YanMingZhu starred in China, the first love “hai shi”, from now on to fame, known as the bund, who first female star, changed the movie much drag situation at that time, the Chinese film also began by women as the history of the heroine. Her famous much earlier than hu, ruan, is China’s first generation of stars.

【 girl time 】

5 years of age under the guidance of parents to study painting

localized LiLi Town north long tamura in wujiang, jiangsu province, Yin home great-grandparent YanZhaoYong academician is light years; A grandfather YanMengQin, juren, in zhejiang high rank; After father YanXingHuan, learning becomes the scholar, dedicated to write calligraphy, famous; The home of a mother Zhang Mulian born juren, knowledgeable, to poetry, will be a few painters. Perhaps is the role of genetic factor, perhaps by Dan, pearl childhood of image, lines, color has a strong feeling. The age of five began to study painting, under the guidance of parents first flowers, birds and animals, learn a pen like a pen, draw a picture like a picture. After the age of 10, pearl requirements to learn painting ladies, one to write one’s first is outstanding, woman’s graceful, lifelike.

6 years of age, the people of the pearl on by their parents to LiLi Town elementary school, citizen called & other; Throughout the wench &; . As the pearl of the ideas, knowledge and HuiShi improving little by little every day, the family by misfortune, the father was acutely ill died, pearl was only 13 years old that year. YanXingHuan during his life, like to buy & other; Rich ticket & throughout; (that is, the lottery), the day of death just lucky enough to get the first prize. Although painters have to hear the good news, after all, for the mother and daughter left a lot of property, done after the funeral, the remainder is still considerable.

horse riding, singing, dancing, driving all line

in the second year, English girls’ schools of Chinese and western YanMingZhu into Shanghai. There, the pearl of gifted like a duck to water. She especially gifted in sports, the flexibility of the body is very good, quickly learned to ride a horse, ride a bike, driving a car, and swimming, even a girl can’t join the soccer she also dare to play, until the final fight with boys. She learn various dance, singing is good.

at the age of 16, YanMingZhu has lagged the lovely, tall, oval face, a pair of cheng lively, not only good at sports, more like to imitate the foreign body appearance with a look of movie stars. The American movie “monastery adventures are shown in Shanghai, the heroine Lin monastery played by actor white pearl. Pearl had to dress and the color is very sensitive, she came to design costumes, let the tailor made a set of monastery type clothing. Pearl in the imitation of his clothing design, participate in social communication, attracted the attention of many fashionable women, and at that time, the wind of imitating foreign stars dress swept the glamour. After girls school drop-outs, YanMingZhu into the post office when the employee. Due to articulate, warm and generous and polite, with fluent English, she glides gracefully on the communication field. Whenever a YanMingZhu shadow dance hall, karaoke bars, coffee shops and other places, is bound to be crowded, ZhongXingPengYue, wandering around.