The earliest Chinese method “morning chewing teeth wood” : brushing your teeth clean teeth with willow

the pre-qin, people started to protect the teeth. In the “rites” & other; At the beginning of chicken, salt wash & throughout; Records, namely, rinse in the morning. The ancients often use mouthwash has wine, vinegar, salt, tea, etc., the role of detoxification sterilization, and tea contains fluoride and vitamin, can be mothproof, keep your mouth clean sanitation.

when the western jin dynasty recorded a toothpick. Eastern medical experts scholar-officials referred to in the “holding tastes” knock tooth JianChi method.

the first teeth clean is willow, tang period, the people put the willow bubble in the water, when the teeth of willow, the old saying & other; Morning chewing teeth wood & throughout; Was born. Later, archaeologists in liao dynasty tombs found in bone of the toothbrush, is one of the earliest ever found in toothbrush, more than 1000 years ago. And the emergence of the toothbrush is a word, began in the yuan dynasty, mainly used in upper class, with the drugs mainly salt, plus a few of TCM development, such as honeysuckle, ageratum, poria cocos, etc.

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