The edge of the aristocracy, Chiang fourth generation abandon politics business going

demos yes great-grandchildren. From his growth process, we can explore the trajectory to Taiwan for nearly 30 years of change, to grasp the Chiang family survive in history, the status of the choice of change, and then understand Chiang future generations of the family another expression & hellip; & hellip;

untold Chiang family

after through ancient tang dynasty poet liu yuxi in jinling, a full of millet had left from the grief of verse: & other; Rosefinch bridge grass flowers, black clothes lane that sunset inclined. Before the old Wang Xietang yan, flying off the shelves. Throughout the &; In the song called “black dress lane” masterpieces, exclamation old poet bleak, the demise of the family.

the world vicissitudes of life, the impermanence of life, always be to the wind and rain. The Chiang family once celebrated in the modern history of the family, never escape its also deterioration its failure and historical periodic law, gradually withdrew from the political stage. In history development, social progress, China no longer noble and the survival of the soil, the Chiang family members civilian is an irreversible trend.

over the past century, Chiang’s officials and heroes. How much if by senior officials to judge, the Chiang family is modern China one of the few noble family.

due to Chiang ching-kuo had publicly said that the Chiang family cannot and will not run for future & other; President & throughout; , let the Chiang family stepped out from the political arena, Chiang’s third generation of Chiang hsiao-wen, alex Chiang, Jiang Xiaoci, Chiang hsiao-yung died one after another, except for John Chiang, also in politics, the Chinese and foreign, Chiang hsiao-chang and Jiang Xiaogang apolitical.

there is an old saying in China, three generations, the Chiang family can’t skip the periodic law, the third generation also appeared. Security-conscious die, rich of the living environment of life is really not lucky for them, they often have their twists and turns, the fate of failed to under the patronage of the family to become a strongman, thus put an end to the Chiang family political heritage.

the boss Chiang hsiao-wen was once a king out of trouble, eventually died due to illness mental degradation; Second Chiang hsiao-wu due to political events involving famous fade, finally die suddenly of a heart attack; Old Chiang hsiao-yung is most promising Chiang’s descendants, but after Chiang ching-kuo died profession, unfortunately died young. Chiang hsiao-chang pretty daughter, but for the wrong girl, go overseas inward-looking.

rolling Yangtze river east a mill, spray all hero, success or failure is turned empty. Through nearly a century of the Chiang family, as the third generation gradually wither, males often by a person with & other; An amount & throughout; To describe.

history often surprising paradox, however, contrary to widows and orphans, in recent years, the family in Taiwan and overseas branch leaf. Such as Chiang’s active in people’s eyes again, it is their turn of the fourth generation.

as Chiang’s fourth generation people strong, Chiang hsiao-wen Jiang Youmei have a daughter, Chiang hsiao-wu Jiang Youlan Jiang Yousong son, daughter, Chiang hsiao-yung three sons demos, often and Jiang Youqing Jiang You, son Jiang Xiaogang Jiang Wei countries also have a son and a woman Jiang Youjie, Jiang Youjuan. Plus the concubines ZhangHuiLan, ZhangHuiJun Jiang Wanan John Chiang, son, daughter, ZhangYouJu ZhangJinSong with Winston chang son, daughter, a leafy progeny.

and all the men and women gathered, indeed as Chiang kai-shek alive hope & ndash; & ndash; Fragrance long, life is evergreen. After finished & other; The pine, cypress, often, green & throughout; And & other Plum, orchid, chrysanthemum & throughout; The seven position. There is only one & other; Bamboo & throughout; Abandoned in the word, & other; Narration & throughout; Word for it.

when Chiang dynasty faded out in modern Chinese history, painting after a history of rest, & other; Evergreen pine & throughout; And & other MeiLanJu & throughout; Such as successors, start their different life, each have a different future. Let the jiuquan under Chiang kai-shek was disappointment, this generation has no according to his wishes. Almost no one associated with politics, they are a with Chiang’s first, second and third generation different path. Even many of them like demos, don’t want to be known as the Chiang’s fourth generation, determined to do the Chiang family first generation. Chiang’s this generation have good elite, or a career in business or in art. Just Chiang’s offspring become unusually low profile, in addition to the demos surge in popularity in recent years, most of the rest of the people moved overseas, so very few relevant information.