The elders haun embodiment different kiln is red, yellow, blue, green color colorful buddhist relics (FIG.)

this haun elders colorful buddhist relics

on the morning of April 12, the elders haun method into 7 days after the incarnation kiln body, a buddhist temple for the elders incarnation kiln opening ceremony. The current staff are stepping up to the spirit of bone and sarira sorting work, specific sarira number will be announced later.

at 08 points, 9 yesterday morning in a patter, this big Yin shun, a buddhist temple abbot monk himself haun elders incarnation kiln slowly open.

according to eyewitness of the staff, after open incarnation kiln can already see a lot of sarira, but because of who and ashes, and niche wood ash, coal ash are mixed together, such as need to carefully sorting. The current staff is gearing up for the spirit of bone and sarira sorting work, specific number and shape will be announced after are tallied.

the reporter sees, the staff has been sorting out many sarira flowers, and the elders haun take their jade. Colorful relics of different sizes, some shaped like pearls, and some glittering and translucent connect fully, and the pebbles, have all sorts of color red, yellow, blue green, placed in the display of the transparent box is very good-looking.