The emperor xianfeng sigh do not diligently: fill a pants hole hundreds of two silver flower

the south pavilion notes “volume 1, xianfeng, leading, and his father emperor daoguang to practice thrift. Once the door of the study on the pin was broken, office to request a new door, had not approved, said repaired also can continue to use. Later, the door fixed, reimbursement said FeiYin five thousand two hundred office. Xianfeng flew into a rage and ordered questioned about what is going on. Xianfeng, the people see below carefully, flurried say digital error, was es, this matter is settled.

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, there is a new hangzhou yarn chaps, because not careful about CanDouBan burned a big hole, around the eunuch say lost, xianfeng repeatedly sorry, said: & other; Material hard, abandon a pity, as far as possible to mend. Throughout the &; Xianfeng, afterwards just know, so, the following people for reimbursement of the hundreds of two silver. I heard that, xianfeng gives sighed: & other; Hard to do the emperor want to is not easy, how much more is a luxury? Throughout the &;

“the south pavilion notes,” said the minister Yan Jingming do, see office to undertake one hundred trunk, quotation of silver sixty-two per case. Yan Jingming is surprised, then played the queen mother said: & other; Outside buy suitcase, but up to 6 two, each office floating risk of fraud, you can imagine. Throughout the &; Empress dowager shook his head said: & other; I’m afraid it didn’t so cheap. Throughout the &; Yan Jingming know office doing mischief, he insisted that this is the price. Empress dowager is stingy person, he said, & other; In that case, months, and you will try to buy one hundred for me. Throughout the &;

the next day, Yan Jingming take money to buy on the market, only trunk shops all closed the door. Yan Jingming by surprise, and then knock on a suitcase shop and asked the boss what was going on, the boss said: & other; Husband (eunuch) to command, yesterday opened and half months no deal, if there are any violation, will the goods into pieces, and don’t open a shop again in the future. Throughout the &; In desperation, Yan Jingming had to let people take letter quickly bought sent to Beijing to tianjin. Don’t want to and a half months in the past, things didn’t make that kiss with the messenger has also been office with one thousand two hundred silver buy off, both of man and letter, had already fled, Yan Jingming ACTS only helpless.