The empress dowager cixi who see the movie as “unlucky” of the palace show explode

the third Beijing international film festival opened in Beijing this week, an event, the filmmaker is also benefiting a film feast for all the citizens of Beijing. Today’s Beijing is China’s most important film production base, bringing together the most movie talented person in the country. But many people may not know, Beijing is the birthplace of the Chinese film, China’s first film “dingjun” was born in Beijing. This cultural imprint will review movies with readers art footprint in the early stages of the development of Beijing.

palace an explosion caused by a movie

see movies as an ominous thing

on December 28, 1895, French youth industrialist Louis & middot; M elder brother in Paris sheen kapoor road & other; Big cafe & throughout; In formal public screening for several of the world’s first short documentary “from the factory gate”, “the baby drink soup”, watering gardener, etc. This day is acknowledged as the birth of the film era. Film soon spread to all over the world, the invention of the second year was introduced to China. In 1896 glamour to Shanghai have film screening. For six years, 28 years (1902) spring, the film to Beijing.

when a foreign businessman carry projector and films, grinding factory rent live hall restaurant outside the front door, showing the short documentary “black eat watermelon”, “the bicycle race”, etc. , wearing long gowns and mandarin jackets, dragging a long braids from Beijing to see on a white curtain who move, really frightened to disgrace, simply amazing. Guangxu twenty-nine years (in 1903), Chinese businessmen Lin Zhu three-autonomy Europe and the United States returned, carrying the projector, film, etc in polishing factory tianle tea garden show movies. This is the Chinese from the foreign film at the beginning of the domestic movie screening.

30 years guangxu (1904) when the empress dowager’s seventieth birthday. To curry favor with the empress dowager cixi, the British minister pressed movie projector and several sets of film, in the palace, for ShouDan. And behold the screening extremely well, just three this film, generator accidental explosion, almost hurt. Cixi great anger, see the movie as an ominous thing in the world, since there are not allowed to be shown again.

another screening in the royal palace and was also a surprise. In 1905 the qing government sent five minister inspection abroad, including a much in return back to the movie projector and film. When carried jersey, banquet for 1906 to & other; To amuse themselves in the movies & throughout; , also let He Chaohua explanation. Unfortunately suddenly burst into flames, in the screening He Chaohua was killed. The film is considered unlucky thing again. Although puts film accidents occurred frequently in the royal palace, but didn’t stop the movie the spread of the people. In the restaurant, tea plantations, the theater movie show more and more, and become a popular with the citizens of new cultural forms of entertainment.