The end of the world lead network carnival: the end of the walk you (FIG.)

the end of the world into a global hot topic

the end of the world into a global hot topic

the UK’s daily telegraph website reported on December 19 】 : Guatemala’s Star Wars temple in preparation for the end of the world in Guatemala, of the ruins of the mayan tikal, deep in the woods stood a two-headed snake in the eighth century temple, those who believe in the end of the world is coming to gather here, waiting for the end of time.

cause our thinking of rope life

delay and mage: maybe the earth is our ship

about 2012 Internet sensation, for it into the thorn rope well guess of fame and mage is absolutely a, he and his little student has been valued by netizens is story. Yesterday, our reporter called delay and mage, he was with his little student again, December 21, just wait for the arrival of the night.

due to the long history, the mayan prophecy has been unable to verify, it’s just a legend, in the long river of history, legend and far more than this one? An accent pure delay and mage the believe in the topic of the mayan prophecy rose to the height of the history.

in delay and the mage’s view, December 21, is just a sense of humor, the Maya we will enjoy the sense of humor, just the mayans humor too scary!

How did the end of the

? Delay and he said the mage, capable to find tickets, no ability brush weibo! The phone, the reporter heard the sound of the receiver’s keyboard, record mage said it was his little student doing, it is important to brush his little student in weibo. Ordinary people should eat what eat what, don’t wronged himself. Unusual also common to day.

for ordinary young people have no money to buy tickets, and mage told us not to worry, maybe the earth is our ship! Little student behind said, the teacher with us?