The famous artist public sculpture were stolen The thief only for scrap metal mine

Barbara hope wo stolen sculptures & other; The Two Form (means Circle) & throughout;

according to the BBC, the British famous artist Barbara & middot; Hope wo (Barbara Hepworth) placed in south London a sculpture in Dulwich park had been stolen in recent days. Speculation is that steal the work of thieves took a fancy to the scrap metal is that on the one hand, it reflects the British triggered by scrap metal theft is becoming more and more serious. This is called & other; The Two Form (means Circle) & throughout; In 1969, the bronze sculptures of it since 1970 & other; Located throughout the &; In Dulwich park, up to now has been safe, until Monday night was found stole from the base. The sculpture for 500000 pounds, but if put it into a molten metal, are only sold for 750 pounds.

hope wo (1903-1975), is known for its innovative modernist abstract sculpture works included in the square in New York City & other; Single Form” And so on. Committed to do hope voss legacy works Hepworth Wakefield gallery director Simon Wallis said in learned that after the theft & other; & lsquo; Two Form’ Is late hope wo creation in a very important work, when we see it in outdoor space, also can feel it the kind of aesthetic feeling. Would someone stole it, because of the scrap metal, I think it is too sad. It is can’t be replaced. Throughout the &;

the theft occurred in Scotland Yard has just launched a new group to blow the second day of the scrap metal theft. This type of theft is primarily a nationwide search for products, such as copper, bronze, telephone lines, and public places such as monument from track stolen metal products, and then selling them to scrap yard for small small profit. Last month, the thieves had destroyed the south of the river Thames near London a Alfred Salter statue, this makes the southwark to Salter daughter and her cat statues of hidden to prevent they are reduced to the thief’s goal. In January this year, the bethesda Phillip Ratner 5 sculpture outside the museum of art was also the u.s., when the police find them, they have already destroyed beyond repair.

the BBC in September when they reported, due to the frequent scrap metal theft, public art glass fibers are used more and more heavy, but many are not for those who are too old, there is no statue made replica of original design. Scrap metal theft not only brought losses to public works of art, at the same time also makes London premium cost about 700 million pounds each year.