The FBI analysis art theft: media as “accomplice” stolen goods difficult to sell

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Los Angeles police chief inspector clarence & middot; With the Los Angeles sheriff’s spokesman Steve Williams & middot; Dr. Whitmer show recover paintings “trial” to the public. The painting is worth $250000, he was stolen from a hotel lobby in this summer.

recently, art in North America to a rise in crime. The federal bureau of investigation (FBI), according to the world, art crimes, including fraud, theft, etc, in the amounts have been as high as $6 billion. A few years ago, the number is 3 billion.

art crime first is economic crimes

before the FBI agent Robert & middot; Whitman has a private nature of the art security consultancy, business is looking for stolen works of art. Before retirement, Whitman industry called & other; The real world of indiana Jones & throughout; , 20 years of his career, he saved the worth more than $225 million works of art and artifacts. He thinks, art crime is a kind of economic crime in the first place. & other; Art crime always paid close attention to the art market. Once you see some kind of artwork auction prices, they tempted, or try to steal the original artwork, or through high imitation fake for profiteering. Throughout the &;

Hiscox company works of art insurance expert Robert & middot; Found Nick said, in the first half of this year, the company pre-tax loss of 8.56 million pounds. Although this is mainly caused by human factors, but the high art policy to the company under tremendous pressure. Earlier, in the company for a Dutch museum a painting was stolen, another piece of art were damaged in transit. Found Nick said: & other; In the eyes of people, the value of art and the price have already. Ten years ago, it is hard to imagine a picture of the auction price can reach tens of millions, now is nothing new. Throughout the &;

according to the FBI, globally, stolen art market has become second only to the third largest drug and gun smuggling black market. Mafia even has specialised in art branch of crime, the stolen art trafficking for money, used to carry out other criminal activities such as smuggling, drug trafficking.

for non-commercial purpose thief is a thief

the police pointed out that there is a certain type of art theft crime is not for money purposes. In July, the stolen Picasso pencil drawing the head of a woman were recovered. Mark, the police arrested the criminal suspect and found 11 in his residence to the level of a museum of art, including Manhattan Carlyle hotel stolen a sketch and a stolen photography gallery in New York. Hoboken, local police said the media: & other; Look, mark just out of love for art and theft. Throughout the &;

a Whitman believes that for non-commercial purpose of art is also a theft, theft and that such & other; Jas thief & throughout; Very little. In fact, the vast majority of art theft is far from the love of art, they are stealing paintings, purely in order to make a fortune. In order to get the artwork, they often stop at nothing.

& other; Street thug will snatch anything in the room, they don’t care what the hell is cash, camera or bronze sculptures. Professional art thieves can not. Throughout the &; Los Angeles police department inspector art crime tang & middot; Hu Yi sarkozy said. Last month, two nearly one thousand years of history, the ocean’s $800000 worth of sculpture stolen in Connecticut. & other; The thieves have clear goals. Throughout the &; Crime is a striking feature of artwork, the perpetrators and the owner of the stolen art often know each other. Hu Yi Isaac said, adding that these people have long targeted the crime object, through a period of observation to determine whether he has what works of art, after waiting to start. With expensive art people like to show off their wealth, it gave the perpetrators understand their chance.

excessive reports or stimulate the crime

some people think that, art did not increase the number of criminal offence, but public awareness improved & ndash; & ndash; Art prices rose sharply, the media interest in art theft reported increased, it’s easy to let people feel art crime seems to be on the rise.

found Nick said: & other; News were related to the crime by the public’s attention. And more particular art crime, the criminal process full of mystery and the media readers attractive. Throughout the &; John & middot; “Manchester united or company responsible for the attorneys in the field of art downer & middot; Darla, he agrees: & other; Art theft increased reports could lead to a similar crime increase, the news will be criminal process description is too detailed. From the news report, people can easily know security blind spots, hanging in a museum which hotel lobby valuable paintings & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

some wenbo institutions, thus called for, the head of the news media reported in art crime, should focus on the police solve crimes and crimes on the adverse effects of the bizarre in the process of exaggerated in the don’t commit crime. In their view, art and cultural safety is more important than attract eyeball.

stolen art difficult fence

is a good news, stolen art more and more difficult to sell. Over the past 15 years, Hu Yi Isaac department has recovered the stolen $8.1 million worth of art, this record than the Los Angeles police department to other 21 division. He said: & other; This is the special features of art itself. Among various kinds of stolen goods, works of art is relatively easy to find. Thieves don’t try to change a piece of art, because it will affect the price. Throughout the &;

a Whitman, agrees. He said: & other; Art theft may be very shrewd criminals, but they are bad art dealer. Other types of theft is much easier when channeling, in the underworld, the stolen jewelry or DVD player is very easy to sell. The more famous works of art, the more difficult to sell. Famous works of art on the open market changed hands very hard, so most can only black market, or be stored on the shelf, not seen for years. Thieves can get rid of pieces to a car, but not so treat a Picasso painting. Throughout the &;

in addition, the United States, Italy, multinational has strengthened against the works of art such as the criminal police, and the construction of the stolen art database. Just like the FBI announced stolen art listing, listing on the art value of a total of $600 million, including up to & middot; Vinci, Rembrandt, monk, artistic masters such as van gogh’s masterpiece. The personage inside course of study thinks, published list is helpful for the public to provide clues, help solve crimes.