The first astronauts into space gagarin linfei days anecdotes (FIG.)

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on April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut yuri & middot; Gagarin ride & other; Throughout the east no. 1 &; Manned spacecraft, completed its first manned space flight in the world, become the hero of mankind. Over the past 50 years, we still remember his words: no matter in any time, for humans, so happy as in a new discovery.

Khrushchev: & other; You tell me, whether he is alive & throughout;

the son of Khrushchev and space experts sergei Khrushchev recalled that in 1961, the names of the astronauts is a secret, and no one is interested, what matters is the first in space.

at the time, people in the United States announced that they would put people into space in early may. In order to preempt & other; Throughout the world &; , the Soviet union korolev, chief designer of the manned space program, offered to launch and return before May Day & ndash; & ndash; So the astronauts can appear on the festival.

but in half a year ago (October 24, 1960) p – 16 missile exploded in the shadows of Khrushchev haunted by the accident. The accident causes, including strategic rocket forces commander marshal nie local hundreds of people were killed. And, on March 23, 1961, just three weeks (from gagarin linfei day), Soviet cosmonaut echelon in one of the youngest & ndash; & ndash; 25, bondarenko in isolation chamber pressure test, because of a sudden fire burn and die. This is the first astronaut to sacrifice in training, accompanied him to the hospital at that time people is garnering garin & ndash; & ndash; Soviet space cannot again under the weight of death.

Khrushchev suggest postpone the launch time from the end of April or in advance. Korolev don’t want to delay, so probably because unforeseen incidents lead to lag behind the us. He weighed a few day and night, and finally to call Khrushchev, clear say they are ready to launch on April 12.

that day, on April 12, Khrushchev anxiously beside the phone waiting for an hour and a half, the bell rang, he grabbed the phone, listen to the voice of korolev, he asked the chief designer is almost cried, & other; You tell me, does he live? Throughout the &;

it is said that the prepared three press release, the itar-tass news agency is a astronauts returning success, the other two were made by the spacecraft into orbit and vehicle crash, astronauts on board. Khrushchev was ready to prepare for any accidents that may occur.

korolev: tell gagarin partner password

gagarin’s 108 – minute space dangerous: ship air sensor failure, therefore, for a couple of minutes before launch have to loosen and tighten the 32 on the hatch cover bolts again), communication lines halted (originally should show geely signal & other; 5 & throughout; , said the results out of a spaceship crashed digital & other; 3 & throughout;) , after the third stage rocket out of the spacecraft began to rotate, also near spacecraft re-entry dramatically wild tumbling act & hellip; & hellip;

the Soviet union for the first manned space flight a 11 astronauts echelon. In theory which everyone has the potential to be flying for the first one. Because before gagarin flying was a father of two daughters, it has been suggested that there is no offspring another astronaut gell mann – titov replace gagarin. But korolev insisted that gagarin, and for him personally before flight test. Gagarin well prove korolev choice is correct.

it is said that in order to avoid astronauts into hostile territory and defection, & other; Throughout the east no. 1 &; Ship installed on the remote control bomb, korolev and gagarin to master each half of two bomb fuze trigger code. Out of trust for gagarin, korolev know yourself before launch has told gagarin’s half of the password.