“The first crisis of the republic of China” never married after liang qichao and wang ching-wei

Lv Bicheng

life legend: Lv Bicheng is not only & other; Nearly three hundred years to finally a poetess & throughout; , poet, publicists, social activists, capitalists, or China’s first female writer, the first female editor on history of Chinese journalism, the first animal conservationists, author of the feminist movement in China, the Chinese women’s education pioneers & hellip; & hellip;

love story: there are too many people pursue Lv Bicheng at that time, it is said that the Lv Bicheng taste is also very high, and only attracts, but she was too liang qichao is too old, wang ching-wei’s too young. She can only a handful, and, after the often & other; Make your married & throughout; . Think & other; Life can be good man not much & throughout; , Lv Bicheng never married.

Lv Bicheng is the first crisis of the republic of China, his life is legendary, she lead “da gong bao, known as & other; The first female editor & throughout; ; Well, she is talented, gift is a modern outstanding poetess; She has a talent, a courageous, co-founded the northern women’s college become & other; In the educational history of modern woman at the helm of the school first person & throughout; ; Get involved with politics, for business, traveled to Europe and the United States, and other Hand to describe a scattered and not look out, pen and has one thousand people without pride & throughout; , every step of the life she walk very popular, but broke the world and prosperous.

rare talented woman of

12 at the age of poetry and calligraphy attainments have high

Lv Bicheng, a LanQing, word dun, Ming, monastery rove, anhui continuous DE county, was born in qing dynasty nine years (in 1883), father Lv Fengqi is three year of the ox branch jinshi guangxu AD, a former Chinese historiographers association, jade die code trim, shanxi administration, etc., has a collection of 30000 volumes. Elegant home of influence, and makes Lv Bicheng intelligent and precocious: & other; Long-lasting dystonic talented algae, poetry, painters, carving, and refined temperament, word famous throughout the world, especially for every word, far and near to universal appeal. Throughout the &;

Lv Bicheng at the age of 12, poetry and calligraphy attainments is already high. This year she wrote such a word: & other; Floating spring green ants, jade dragon snow back, who is implicit niang micro purport? The patter about soldiers, spring breeze said sword, beautiful rainbow. The infinite hate, all in the bottles. Jun unknown? Meant micro powder is a natural fat jing nie, try step cold xiao. Soak the magnolia, talk as equal red and purple. Three fame, hate less than green best children, left a cavity milli xing, write painters idle. Throughout the &;

when someone told the & other; Poetics throughout all &; FanZengXiang, this is the work of a 12-year-old girl, he was half a day could not say words, not believe & other; Talk about soldiers patter, spring breeze said sword & throughout; So resonant words from the hand of a little girl!

Lv Bicheng has written the letter fang set, ponder the collection “, “snow paint with words”, “a sweet little light” and so on more than a dozen of this poetry, its representative work was nearly pronouns learning theorists dragon yu born revenue nearly three hundred famous ci, called & other; Nearly three hundred years to finally a poetess & throughout; , & other The talented woman of rare & throughout; .

critics tsao says Lv Bicheng words & other; Not first slim and graceful, but mark the scenes of The Times. Handwriting graceful and restrained, don’t see the grand, sensitive and exquisite, yet dark GuFen storage. Throughout the &; LiuYaZi believe that hundred years, Lv Bicheng & other; For female poet and clear conscience throughout the &; . Lv Bicheng is not only a modern outstanding poetess, and in the creation of poetry are also only a pen and excellent and very deep attainments. Poet yi real had once said: & other; His poetry view of the high, just brilliant pen, all unusual vase with home all also. Throughout the &;

Lv Bicheng is not only a talented woman, and is a great beauty. From people give her & other; Natural ecosystem with heroic spirit, around lake mountain raise spirit & throughout; And & other; Ice snow cleverness lotus color & throughout; Verse etc, it also can see her beauty. The famous modern writer Su Xuelin was her for & other; Beauty is like a fairy & throughout; .

China’s first female editor

early twenties to become lead da gong bao

Lv Bicheng with city at the age of 9 and a son of wang squire engagement. 13 years old, significant changes have taken place in her family, my father died, all ethnic property was hogging, mother kindred forced confinement. Small Lv Bicheng burden, writing a letter to his father’s friends and students, benefactor assistance, including originally, then jiangning FanZengXiang liangjiang governor. Officials can’t snub Lv Bicheng mother was able to escape. But Lv Bicheng family has played a wary: as a child she had so much energy, such a daughter-in-law over the door, I’m afraid a problem in the future, then break off an engagement is put forward. Then help women’s engagement, and break off an engagement is a disgrace. This painful experience, in Lv Bicheng heart left a profound mark, become her life is difficult to heal wounds, since then the germination of the feudal system very hate.

by the loss of her husband and daughter have been break off an engagement after a double whammy, Lv Bicheng mother with four teenage daughter, take refuge in tanggu salt class ambassador (saltworks manager, eight product officer) brother YanFengSheng, began to live the life of sponsor.

after the reform, reform ideas advocated, because of the dissatisfaction of calligraphic art ink soul, make-up concert life, Lv Bicheng wanted to come to tianjin in 1903, 20, & other; Visiting women learn & throughout; . Niece to the new learning by conservative uncle sternly scolded resistance, said the girl should be in the home to, cause Lv Bicheng great anger, she fled and the next day, set foot on the train to tianjin. She had no money, even packing before packing. Without friends the Lv Bicheng met a man on the train & ndash; & ndash; Tianjin according to the hotel owner. When she learned that Lv Bicheng situation, they brought it to his home to live down.

as Lv Bicheng no economic sources, a troubled life, so it went around corners. She accidentally learned that uncle department secretary Fang Jun lady living in the tianjin binjiang avenue dagong newspaper, wrote her a letter, and declare his own experiences and tianjin situations, sincerity to seek assistance.

may be the fate of the visit, the letter just happen to be the general manager and chief editor da gong bao ying of the folding saw, cherish to love only personally to the party of the folding of the lady’s home to visit, meet each other under the Lv Bicheng boldness is appreciated, and immediately decided to invite her as a trainee editor da gong bao, let her live moved to the newspaper. Lv Bicheng a blessing in disguise, has become the first female editor in Chinese history, and began to took to the road of independent life.

Lv Bicheng to only a few months da gong bao, published by the strict rules of poetry, gift is popular with the approval of the predecessors. In 1904, Lv Bicheng become the lead author of the da gong bao, her splendid articles appeared frequently. Her two sisters huei-chung lu, lu mei quan and, as she is known for poetry, claims & other; Huainan three lu, throughout the world famous &; . Has edited da gong bao “lushi sister poetry”, and to comment, said they are & other; Great stars throughout the &; The type of character.

social field star

used to have a crush on liang qichao and wang ching-wei

at the time, all kinds of parties will often appear Lv Bicheng raider. Celebrities from all walks of life at that time sought after Lv Bicheng, such as the famous poet FanZengXiang, easy to just, the son of yuan shikai Yuan Hanyun, son of li hongzhang Li Jingxi, etc.

there are too many people pursue Lv Bicheng at that time, it is said that the Lv Bicheng taste is also very high, only after the liang qichao and wang ching-wei, but she was too liang qichao is too big (9 years older than Lv Bicheng), wang ching-wei are small (with Lv Bicheng age). In addition, according to the modern Catholic historians Fang Hao’s research, chief editor of the folding of the very love Lv Bicheng da gong bao, even caused the British lady.

Lv Bicheng emotional feeling with my friends about her so: life can be good man not much, liang qichao had married, wang ching-wei is too young to Wang Rongbao people good, also have been married, zhang ever recommend me ZhuZongYuan, but perplexity, man is white, too don’t match. My purpose is not how much money and how family, but in the literary status, so rare right partner, don’t do not east, west, lose the chance. Fortunately, a little savings in hand, don’t worry about food and clothing, entertaining themselves only to literature.