The first set of RMB one thousand yuan of money was the most precious The highest thousand (FIG.)

fourth edition issued coal and plow time: on December 23, 1949 to 1949 on May 10,

do you want to issue larger denomination banknotes? In this year’s & other; The two sessions & throughout; Become a discussion on a topic.

to this, the central bank deputy governor hu xiaolian said that has not yet in a recent issue five hundred or one thousand yuan large money plan.

hyperinflation, undertake the civil war in the early days after foundation of the value of the yuan is extremely low. So ever appear in the first set of RMB 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 50000 yuan face value of the yuan. When the ratio of RMB and usd is $1 is equal to 42000 yuan (records) in March 1950.

60 years of vicissitudes of life, large amount of renminbi are now very rare in the world, of which 500 yuan 6 bottle (deep city), the fourth bottle 1000 yuan (coal and plow), was chosen as the most precious money, the auction markets, the current highest bid up to one hundred thousand yuan.