The Forbidden City wall: MAO zedong had three post only climb the wall does not enter the palace (FIG.)

in 1954, MAO zedong May 4 days 3 times on the Forbidden City wall

this is the palace of only three times, MAO zedong can only climb the wall does not enter the palace three times

in 1928, the national government members via heng h proposed & other; The abolition of the museum, auction or displacement of the Forbidden City throughout all items &; Bill said: & other; Palace is but a day words, and it is no. 1 NiChan NiChan auction should be. Throughout the &; Review the proposals in the central political meeting, sparking a heated debate, was rejected. The founding of the People’s Republic of China, in October 1958, the Beijing municipal bureau of party puts forward to the imperial palace & other Revolutionary innovation & throughout; Report, in June 1959 after being denied the central propaganda department minister meeting hosted by lu dingyi, put forward & other; Maintain historic palace, make the person in detail and specific understanding of the court life. Throughout the &; In February 1963, the Forbidden City reconstruction plan was filed again, after 1966 & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Broke out, the CPC Beijing municipal committee be overthrown, the Forbidden City reconstruction project is listed as one of the CPC Beijing municipal party committee to build the palace liu shaoqi & other; Evidence & throughout; . & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Period of the imperial palace & other; Overhaul & throughout; Is in front of the hall of supreme harmony erect two big placards, east west, height more than 38 meters high hall of supreme harmony, overwhelmed with it & other; Wang gas & throughout; . On May 26, 1967, the prime minister sent including a battalion in the national Palace Museum in Beijing, implements the military protection, protect the Forbidden City from direct damage.

Xiao Mingdi