The former British prime minister Tony Blair a letter addressed to China: I love this country

“memoirs of a journey: Blair [British] Tony & middot; Mr Blair the

editor’s note: in the preface “memoirs of a journey: Tony Blair, the former British prime minister Tony & middot; Blair said that his memoir like a long letter, & other; The recipient is the throughout the country & I love; . If this parable, he write eight pages for Chinese version of introduction can call & other; A letter addressed to China’s & throughout; . Blair said, & other; It is an outsider’s view of China and its future. At the very least, it can tell readers in China, how westerners view them & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; In this sense, the letter & other; Throughout the letter &; Worth reading.

to know China: China’s power and the challenge for

in 1989, my first visit to China, but now, it’s incredible that the immediate changes. Not what I call the change economic growth, but has nothing to do with skyscrapers, but refers to the appearance of Chinese citizens. Think that year, China and a lack of confidence, boring today, full of vigor and vitality, this country is full of confidence.

1997, as the new prime minister, I presided over the ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to China (also mentioned the text). What impressed me most, is the host, the Chinese love of country and pride. The host told me that they will always remember that I for Hong Kong’s return to China’s efforts. Indeed.

in 2008, I attended the Beijing Olympic Games, the scene is very spectacular. There are many people in the world know very little about China, for these people, China seems to suddenly on the international stage. The party perfect. But I am most interested in, or tens of thousands of volunteers, they are polite, courteous behavior, trying to show the best side in China.

memory, different emerge during the period of China, but there are two constant: continuous progress, forever proud. For each outsiders, China has too many places to find out.

to write this foreword, inside of me with a deep sense of humility. Now, I will travel to China on a regular basis. This is a kind of enjoyment. The country and the national amazing here. However, every time, let me feel most is not familiar with more of China, but there is still a vast unknown territory. Every exploration makes me want to more deeply. I always realize that there are too many things remain to be understand.

then with this brief introduction, it is an outsider’s view of China and its future. At the very least, it can tell readers in China, how westerners view them.

we begin with a contradiction, it is causing a lot of chaos in a double way. China itself is a developing country, in fact China also is. Since open doors in the late 1970 s, China’s progress is very significant, throughout human history is unprecedented. The number of absolute poverty fell by five hundred million, the poverty rate from sixty-five percent to four percent. Even by the international poverty line, poverty, especially in rural areas, so improvement is also a remarkable achievement.

China gradually achieve industrialization and national life level unceasing enhancement, and become the lead in the world of consumer goods, durable goods producer: these changed the face of China’s economy. This also means that the role of China in the world economic system has changed. As the financial crisis spread to the west, the group of eight quickly expanded to the g20, China’s leadership has been clear recognition.

however, China’s power itself is very easy to blind vision, let’s see how the Chinese see themselves: China is still in the developing world. In our eyes, China is an emerging power, her self-confident, bold, determined. Indeed, the Chinese very proud of the achievements made in myself. But they also know that in China is still not fully eliminate poverty, the poor are still numerous; Know Beijing and Shanghai is not the whole China, as New York and Washington cannot represent the United States; Know and progress is also amazing, suffers from the co-existence of is anxiety.

contradiction is here. We see is the power of China, the Chinese people see is the challenge for China. The leadership of the attention to the domestic, the reason is, of course, any of the challenges facing China and the history of mankind development country enormous challenges faced by the same.

what’s more, we are all concerned about the results. How to develop in China, and how to find his way to the great expectations, this will profoundly affect my kids, as the result of the second world war shaped my generation’s perspective and the emotion. For our view of the world, it will be a whole new dimension.

political reform: the progress of the peace and stability

what we need is a safe, reliable, does not need to also don’t want to confusion, in turmoil. For & other; Out of control & throughout; Fear not only from those mentioned to foresee the prospect of people out of control, and it is also a real concern: if lose strong leadership, a country where one billion three hundred million people, follow the principle of what?

it is in such a full of uncertain factors in the world, the Chinese leadership’s emphasis on stability should be understood. They know that China must change. In fact, in a short span of 20 years, dramatic changes have taken place in China. However, the upcoming transition is the most dramatic, that they also clear. Underneath is close to explore and heated debate, like to find out how to make the transition and not affect the stability, and maintain the stability of them, and is good for us.

words being said, politics is also a permanent excuse: every kind of political system is unique. I can’t remember how many times, the country or the people in that country said to me: & other; I faced situation is different, the country is very unique. Throughout the &; So almost always wrong: in the world, there are some countries implement progressive experience is universally applicable. China’s large and complicated country, these are all very unique, but I think, the experience to a certain extent, still apply.

as mentioned above, I put forward these ideas in the mind is full of humility. They are from other parts of the world experience, China must judge, see if can use these experiences.

it is obvious that China’s political system reform will take time. But in the past decades, China has already ruled out & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; FKK and regrouped, show the new weather. The question now is how to deal with continue to change the pressure, the pressure as the country grows prosperity will inevitably emerge the surface. Most Chinese people value stability, stability is an important content of improving living standards. But as the new way of social media, travel and the emergence of the Internet, China’s emerging middle class will inevitably require more power and other powers.

China has an advantage to use. For the communist party, as long as the party member and accept new ideas, new sound stipulated in the articles of association, and the most important thing is to interact with the emerging middle class, it will constantly keep contact with the people. In other words, the party’s development has become the core of political reform. If again with devolution & ndash; & ndash; Including direct elections on place for some position & ndash; & ndash; Combined, can provide incremental road, towards a more open political and greater political responsibility.

the most important thing is that it lets the people see, the road to peace and stability of the progress is there. I focus on strengthening the party’s ability, let it become the creator of the process, not just the regulators. China’s leadership is wise, there are both intelligence and creativity, when the post.

benefit the economic prosperity of all:

China’s third way

the economic challenges facing China includes two aspects. One is dealing with macro, readjust to promote consumption, manage the money, and avoid overheating or speculative bubbles. All these aspects are very difficult to take care all the more, and require a high degree of wisdom. But they belong to is a problem, that is to say, they are a judgment must be made. Such a judgment may be very good, also may be bad, but don’t decided to China’s economic model. I am interested in is a problem.

the challenges China faces, is to put forward a kind of ideology, it inherits 1949 years since new China socialist roots, while allowing the prosperity of free enterprise. In particular, in the market and the demand for social equality between the tension & ndash; & ndash; We are not unfamiliar. At present, with the thinking of the consequences of the financial crisis, this tension is torn western society, especially in Europe.

the European debate focused on how the financial crisis occurs and how to get out of the crisis. View always tends to the poles: one side for the European traditional social pattern, the other party claims this pattern already overburdened. From now, who in the transformation of politics in the right is to win the debate. High deficit to support this model’s high taxes in fear; On the other hand, people generally believed that & other; Market & throughout; Has failed. The left, however, seems to think that the solution is to give the government more power & ndash; & ndash; This is also unpopular, therefore, even if the market failure is not bringing the public to the left side.

I still believe that the third way of politics, this is me personally as well as President Bill Clinton in the administration. The essence of it is not easy to find a balance between state and market, but the two together, use the power of both. This is the only way for the development of private economy prosperity & ndash; & ndash; Private economy is the necessary element of any successful economic system, in which the government will through the material support provide opportunities for the poor, let them to be able to set foot on the ladder of success. I think, for economic conditions in the developing world, the meaning of the third way is particularly important.

if people see the rich elite tzu complacency, turn back but can’t see the hope to improve their situation, problem comes. In other words, the inequality itself is not a problem, the problem is not the same opportunity for success.

as a result, during my 10 years as British prime minister, our focus is on how to improve the chance. The answer is: don’t stop people to get rich, should be committed to the poor or vulnerable groups to improve their condition to eliminate obstacles. To do this, we are going to have to reinvent the innovation policy, and to reform welfare and public service system. Previously, the system on the structure of high integration, & other; One size fits all & throughout; , was bulky and bureaucracy. In today’s world, in the face of today’s technology, this structure has been unable to play a role. So naturally, left system, those who have burden ability buy modern service on its own. The resulting inequality.

the possibility of developing countries is in the public services and welfare system, make the mistakes we made. Especially in the field of education, from the point of all countries in the world, what the system is feasible and infeasible is an item or what system. The most effective, and is often a public-private system.

for China, which some aspects must be applicable. The biggest risk of social unrest from the imbalance of economic development. However, the solution is not to stop thriving commercial enterprises and the private economy, but in the open system, and to those who rejected by education opportunity or other people open the door. This is the modern social policy. Look around the world, those who follow this country, are very smooth. In the UK, introducing competition, public or private health care the medical waiting lists is greatly reduced. Today there is little doubt that in the field of medicine, social system and the private system carefully mix (even if it is partly owned by the state or capital) to achieve the best balance of efficiency and justice.

similarly, not only in Britain, the Nordic countries and the United States education reform experience suggests that a system from the traditional public school system is the most effective. In Britain, compared with the general public schools, private schools project achievements growing three times faster.

in terms of pension, the government and individual citizens will be common burden, as in the welfare, there has been a payment of the fee from the unconditional to help individuals improve skills and employment.

of course, and other aspects, the challenges faced by China is also far more difficult. Happened, however, are mostly local, at the local level, the challenge is more manageable. Many provinces of China’s population and middle area of the European countries, so you have the chance to try and test the new system, skip questions in western countries.

the harmonious social development:

morals, values and culture

prosperity not only in material progress. Each successful social must work hard to expand opportunity, this is, of course. But as core values to people together, when a child is in the process of growing into the sense of responsibility to others, when work together and help each other of the maintenance of the family is very important, this society is the most successful.

there is no economic development, the comprehensive national prosperity, the prospect of China’s impossible to develop a harmonious society. But it can not only through economic progress to ensure the stability of the future. Social cohesion and unite as one, depends on the common sense of purpose, common values, and a common understanding: it is necessary to use to accommodate all of them standing shoulder to shoulder the common space to balance the diversity.

we have forgotten, in the western world, over the centuries such common space is obtained, and is usually accompanied by a hard struggle. China is not so good condition, can through such a long journey to achieve fusion. In the high-speed development of easy to cause their own pressure, can tear the whole social ethnic separatism, religious and political division division, is that China cannot afford to. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull