The founder of the “Beijing’s first defence” bulls revelation: how the Forbidden City qing pavilion (FIG.)

6 PM last night and came in after the 80000 visitors to clear all over several dogs, echoed in the empty the Forbidden City. The 52-year-old & other; The dog elder brother & throughout; Chang Fumao with jovian police dog, stepped out from the red paint wooden doors. Claim & other; Mad dog & throughout; Chang Fumao began to take dog bowls.

take dogs search every corner

defence of the imperial palace is called & other; Beijing’s first defence & throughout; , the founder of the defence bulls Chang Fumao is the Palace Museum. Early in the morning on April 30, Chang Fumao agrees to feed the dog in the kennel, clean up the kennels, the dog. At 2 PM, the dog’s barking deafening yard, 18 dogs of pure descent to the iron fence smashed kuang kuang.

6, be Chang Fumao drew a dog cage, it issued a warning to the reporter eke out his teeth.

& other; Depend! Throughout the &; As Chang Fumao commanded, elegant amraphel like an electric shock on his lap, and immediately a PiGuCun on the ground.

a binocular Chang Fumao peg facial, & other; Sit & throughout; , & other Lie & throughout; , & other Bite & throughout; After a series of instructions, elegant amraphel finished every action quickly. Chang Fumao leaned over and gently pat a back, this elegant amraphel snuggled into his arms like a child.

5 PM in the afternoon, as the imperial palace began to clear, closed after at least 1600 of the 3700 anti-theft alarm, smoke detector and 400 cameras in monitoring.

& other; So big of the Forbidden City every day qing pavilion, how to ensure clean up to every corner? Search dogs play a role of monitoring and high-tech means are not replaced. Throughout the &; Chang Fumao said.

elegant amraphel the stone steps, red walls around the corner, stone base, trunk, and trash can before sniffing carefully. After more than an hour, Chang Fumao and & other Elegant amraphel & throughout; Search draws near, did not find the stranded personnel.

kennel self-styled & other; Mad dog & throughout;

in 1987, Chang Fumao or keep a machine member of the defence of the imperial palace, his duty to monitor machine. In the middle of the night away red paint wooden doors, crackling after he was sent back. He brought from home a hybrid GSD & other; Nothing & throughout; . From then on, there is nothing good courage, his heart is steadfast many.

getting on duty of things to know the patriotic health committee, that s Beijing dog. NPHCC one seek to inform: & other; Must be dealt with in three days off! Throughout the &; Chang Fumao had to send you to a friend.

on June 24, 1987, at home on leave stolen Chang Fumao learned that the Forbidden City. Ten days later, the leadership to find him, tell him to agreed to have a dog in the yard. Chang Fumao clearly remember, he rides a bike to a friend’s house, pushed the door open and saw the wall a dog skin tight, back to home a few days he can’t eat rice, & other; Nothing so wasted! Throughout the &;

began patrolling the dog, the dog and the dog Chang Fumao embraced & other; The dog elder brother & throughout; , & other The dog captain & throughout; , he also constituted himself & other; Mad dog & throughout; . He keep of the dogs, are often called & other; Dog guards & throughout; Or & other Guard dogs & throughout; .

1, son heard good exam, son, he had a clap a thigh to blurt out & other; A good dog! Throughout the &;

for dog consult & other; Throughout ancient books &;

in order to better dog, he even consult books during the period of the republic of China, find a lot of the dog’s recipe. Today, Chang Fumao dog circles in Beijing a minor celebrity, even French experts have made a special trip to the Forbidden City and his way to communicate the dog.

24 years, Chang Fumao side guard dog has been updated for five generations, each dog go to let his heart.

yesterday, Chang Fumao brought to reporters outside the hall of martial valor under a locust tree, he was buried here good partner & other Byrne & throughout; .

& other; Byrne is I take first purebred German shepherd, and I most like a dog. In order to commemorate it, the introduction of new GSD I call it bourne again. Throughout the &; He said.

today, Chang Fumao hair is gray, & other; As long as you move, I will continue to raise the dog & throughout; .

1. The Forbidden City every afternoon, after clear, is old and often & other; Elegant amraphel & throughout; The beginning of the tense work

2. Outside the hall of martial valor under a locust tree, the old often was buried good partner & other Byrne & throughout;

3. The defence of the imperial palace bulls kept 18 pure dogs

4. In order to better dog, the old often refer to the period of the republic of China raises the dog books