The global art market’s leading buyers the qatari royal family: 28, the princess to the brain

sellye card & middot; Allah, based in Malaysia & middot; Agri sahni

news said on Thursday, the qatari royal family through private deals in 2011 to a record $250 million for Cezanne’s “player” & ndash; & ndash; This is a known piece of art the highest price. This isn’t the agri thani family important paintings of big purchases for the first time in years. In fact they are bagging the goods of modern and contemporary art market has made the art newspaper in the June issue call & other; Throughout the global art market’s leading buyers &; , it is pointed out that over the past six years many of the most profitable trading is in operation. ARTINFO for the oil and the families of the art collection power to make a comprehensive introduction.


king of Qatar, a 28-year-old daughter sellye card & middot; Allah, based in Malaysia (our sister publication + auction of art happened to put her column in the art world power also list first) has always been considered this small emirate of contemporary art action of the brain. After graduating from duke university in 2005, she did for a period of time in the tribeca film festival intern (the festival was later she introduced to Qatar), and then become Qatar bureau (as QMA) competent museum, the institutions under the guidance of her in a few years time in Qatar set up a world-class art collection.

but it all depends on not only her a person. In 2011, the king tried to buy Christie’s, as QMA to its chairman, Edward & middot; Dorman (Edward Dolman) dug up. He is now as executive director. In terms of art collection of the family, they often to and has always been low-key traders G.P.S. cooperation, the group by Franck Giraud, Lionel Pissarro’s () the son of the painter Pissarro and Philippe Segalot composition. In addition to the G.P.S., former head of Christie’s impressionist and modern art Guy Bennett is said to have involved in the deal of Cezanne’s painting.


in the past few years, many of the world’s modern and contemporary art auction transactions are related to the qataris. Reports from because of the madoff scandal they were forced to liquidate the collections j. Ezra Merkin hand bought 11 rothko painting; From Sonnabend heritage auction won the $400 million worth of art (including the queens and the cane stein); In May 2007, photographed a $728 million & other Rockefeller throughout Tibetan roscoe &;; In November 2010 for $63.4 million at Phillips DE Pury took Andy & middot; Warhol’s man in her life.


is located in the southeast of the Arabian peninsula of Qatar and ABU dhabi, across the Persian gulf is only 200 miles apart is the competition in cultural projects. Built in 2008, Qatar has pei design of islamic art museum, 2010 have enabled Mathaf: Arab museum of modern art, 2014 at the national museum of Qatar will be enabled by the architect to make & middot; Jean nouvel redesign of architecture. ABU dhabi, meanwhile, also in the construction of a number of art museums, including satya island of the Louvre and guggenheim museum branch & ndash; & ndash; But in the course of the construction of the project schedule for unfortunate events and affected.


it is important to note that there are rumours of Cezanne’s painting interested and two trade & ndash; & ndash; Acquavella gallery and larry & middot; Gagosian, it is said that they are lost on offer agri thani family. That is to say, there are at least two collectors (traders may be traded on behalf of other customers) willing to almost the price of this picture. Although the incredibly high prices, said the acquisition of Qatar’s investment behavior is not the Arabian nights. Ten years later it maybe for someone worth $350 million.

$250 million more than the vast majority of the people of the world will be a big number & ndash; & ndash; Including most collectors & ndash; & ndash; Compared with people in other areas of Qatar investment was just a fraction. Qatar has become the country with the largest real estate in London & ndash; & ndash; The place where the price is not cheap. Their British real estate investment in the past few years is said to have reached 10 billion pounds ($15.8 billion). This is more than 60 times of Cezanne. In 2010, king bought is contributive to build by Aaron zc & middot; Peano design shad Qatar investment group Harrods London bridge, reports said transactions involving around 2 billion pounds.

how to do?

this small population of less than one million (the latest statistics for 850000 people), half of them live in doha, the capital. According to the cia world factbook manual, they have plenty of oil, natural gas resources, thus became the highest per capita GDP $100000 (100000), the lowest unemployment rate (less than) 0.4% of the country.

country is so rich (employment situation so well), the qatari royal family will not like the other countries in this region to cope with the discontent. Qatar, on the other hand, is in favor of the Arab league to the Libyan insurgents provide help of one of the major countries, they also accused the Syrian government to use violence to the people. Political stability, national rich, let the qatari government could be free to draw $250 million to buy a Cezanne.