The good wine in the movie

yao-ming Chen

in the French film released in 2010 “the heart the terminator,” Vanessa & middot; Para Judith play Juliet is an auction house wine expert, in an auction, she introduced this lot no. 42: & other; This is a empire bottles (6000 ml) of the 1989 vintage haut-brion (Chateau Haut Brion), from her Isaac – ray Orleans independence from graves region (1987) the level of wine, a unique items, storage state in good condition. This is a complex and deep wine, notable high-quality assets. Throughout the &; & ndash; This bottle of haut-brion with 8000 euros starting price, eventually to a 10000 euro dropping the hammer, the buyer is Juliet’s father, he said to this bottle of wine as a wedding gift for her daughter.

in called & other; Emperor of wine & throughout; The famous American wine critic Robert & middot; Parker review before October last year in bordeaux, chateau haut-brion wines will still be able to keep out of the year has three, respectively is 1989, 1961, 1961. In 1945, he outwitted mouton rothschild, chateau haut-brion In 1961, he outwitted latour haut-brion. But no 1989, bordeaux haut-brion is well-deserved number one! In the liv-ex (the London international vintners exchange) in May this year bordeaux released the latest price list, five level 1989 vintage bordeaux chateau a case of wine (750-12 bottles) is respectively: Hou Bo king £ 12718, 8404 lafite, latour 4077 pounds, margaux 3370 pounds, mouton rothschild 3087 pounds. The 1989 vintage haut-brion jianghu status, equivalent to about 1945 mouton rothschild, 1961, 1982 in 1990 lafite and margaux.

1989 haut-brion how good? And see Robert & middot; Parker included in “the beautiful name zhuang” (the first edition in 2005) in the wine tasting notes: & other; Is still one of a fair death honors the whole life of wine, is also one of the best wines in the bordeaux since nearly half a century. Always so special, in this year and the year of any other blind tasting conference, you can bet that almost certainly will get the highest scores. The 1989 vintage haut-brion is a classic, perfect is a salute to its outstanding and unique climate characteristics of the masterpiece. This wine is very thick, sticky liquid is ruby red or purple, the aroma of fascinating but full of youthful vitality & ndash; From the scorched earth, liquid minerals, graphite, blackberry and blackcurrant jam aroma, extends to the fragrance of toast, licorice and spice box. Into the sticky, full-bodied, wine with low acidity and fruit, extracts from glycerol exciting. This wine has a very good balance, especially of purity, is a modern legend in perfect iconic wines. Still at the stage of development before puberty, I don’t hope that it will be in two or three years went into the peak of the fully mature, but is comparable to the vineyard the most splendid haut-brion. Life is short, good wine too! The 1959 vintage version? Is expected to mature period: from now until 2030. Throughout the &;

this wine tasting notes basically reflects the standard parker tasting notes: deep color, the jam flavour of dense, heavy wine. Remember in the documentary “the wine world,” when parker on an interview, just passed by a Burger King (Burger King) chain, director to Burger King, a giant billboards close-up, full of metaphor. According to parker’s aesthetic interest, he was alluding to & other; Drive the red wine to popular & lsquo; Black wine & rsquo; Throughout the &; , he was sarcastic & other; Don’t understand the difference between jam and wine & throughout; And poking fun at his & other; Because physical burly, like heavy taste wine & throughout; .

this wine tasting notes also reflects the hot and dry years of typical characteristics of wine, the danger of the good wine in such a year tend to be high, such as parker associated with the 1959 vintage haut-brion, its climate is 1989. The 1959 vintage haut-brion was British wine decantation magazine voted & other; Throughout this life not to be missed 100 bottles of wine &; One of the, but also a movie star & ndash; In matrix Ⅱ, when jose mourinho to see mei, morpheus and trinity rowan overtime, likes to talk a lot about mei Luo Wenjia concept when it comes to wine from the time of the year, he smelled the glasses of wine, so to say: & other; The 1959 vintage haut-brion, grand magnificent wine. I like French wine, just like I love French & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; & ndash; He said the & other; Throughout 1959 &; When is the French & other Mille neuf cent cinquante neuf” Expression, and then also said 1 abuse or dirty words in French, but he thought that swearing in French & other; Like wipe a bottom with the silk & throughout; .

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