The hammer into the golden hall: 2012 Vienna New Year concert with small and pure and fresh

2012 Vienna New Year concert grand. CFP

the annual Vienna New Year concert have lowered the curtain, left a deep impression to the person: in tradition at the same time, she also brought us some fresh. The Vienna New Year concert by it & middot; Jansons assume command, this is the second time he was invited for the position.

the cooperation with the Vienna philharmonic orchestra master of 20 years to prepare for the Vienna New Year concert in 2006, has used three months time to listen to more than eight hundred first molisch’s family’s dance works, in the end he and the Vienna philharmonic orchestra first dance music of the strauss family works selected for 23, had created the concert since 2000 & other; Songs to choose the most throughout the year &; The record. At the meeting of this year’s music jansons pour into the emotion, and the pursuit of higher realm of art, careful planning and perform deduced 24 wonderful music works, continue to go beyond yourself.

the Vienna New Year concert is a music festival with a long history, is this year & other; In its form & throughout; The concert, have attracted numerous music lovers all over the world every year. This is mainly because there is always a different command master to deduce it, philharmonic orchestra and the wheel position command and often will bring you some & other; Surprise & throughout; .

Tchaikovsky works debut

the opening of the 3 songs are the works of the strauss family music in Vienna New Year concert premiere. Opening the first concert, John & middot; Strauss and Joseph & middot; Strauss’s “march of the motherland”, the beginning of the notes of deja vu, encouraging. Don’t think that’s your familiar the radetzky march “, in fact, the two brothers from father’s old strauss the radetzky march, obtained the inspiration, and to be embodied in the “march of the motherland”.

the Vienna New Year concert, in fact, the strauss family waltz, polk troupe, and often with little John & middot; Strauss the blue Danube, to old John & middot; Strauss the radetzky march end.

but in the repertoire list, the biggest bright spot is the Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s works in Vienna New Year concert stage for the first time. Respectively is the “scene” in ballet suite “sleeping beauty” and “waltz”. Is worth pondering, 2012 is not the old wood birth mark on every ten years, show his works seems to be no particular background; While for Tchaikovsky jansons deduction has been known, the main reason may be contributing to this cooperation. From selections appears in recent years, the orchestra has also apparently hopes that by broadening the scope to increase the attraction of the New Year concert.

waltz competition

in the first half of this session of the concert is composed of two distinct & other; Competition & throughout; Theme: the first & other; Competition & throughout; Theme is between the two waltz; On February 12, 1890, the first party was held in the city hall of Vienna, John & middot; City hall in the strauss waltz “hides a & other; Secret & throughout; , that is, the Haydn’s “god bless my emperor Franz” mantra is blended in among them, thus strengthening the symphonic elements in this waltz. On the other hand, Carl & middot; Michelle & middot; Carl Michael ziehrer created citizens the Vienna waltz “. This first waltz sounds beautiful, super, so on the night of the party was warmly received by the audience, even grabbed John & middot; Strauss the & other; The king of waltz & throughout; Thunder.

a second theme is in the middle of the two polka. Like “waltz town hall”, “either/or fast polka” is also the first time at the Vienna New Year music performances. The “either/or fast polka” and “gossip polka” inserted between the first waltz, seems to have this calm & other; Competition & throughout; Before the audience, for everybody’s & other Ruling & throughout; .

salute to the Olympic Games

in the first half of the item on the last two “al than the polka” and “riders fast polka” is one of the largest sporting event to commemorate this year the London Olympic Games in 2012.

in 1851, John & middot; Strauss’s al bihan polk is specially dedicated to the British queen Victoria’s husband, prince Albert.

Joseph & middot; Strauss’s “rider fast polka” is in order to express his love for the equestrian sports. On March 13, 1870, this piece of music in the three brothers, Joseph and John Edwards, a joint music conference, where is the Chinese people’s association of music in Vienna’s & other; Golden hall & throughout; , the most sensitive and most introverted when the strauss family members & other; Beat & throughout; His brothers, was praised by the audience’s enthusiasm.

salute to the association of music will

in the second half of the first piece of music is the devil’s interval dance “, is a master of music composing Joseph & middot; Praxiteles’ hermes berg. Joseph & middot; Praxiteles’ hermes berg was once a violinist, and has served as the Vienna philharmonic orchestra. The next two song is closely related to the rider fast polka. In 2012, is the association of Vienna music will be the 200th anniversary of the founding. On January 15, 1870, that is, in & other; Golden hall & throughout; Open after 9 days, the association of music would be organized a party for the first time, so Joseph & middot; Strauss wrote the artist regards France burqa, John & middot; Strauss wrote “enjoy life waltz”. In particular, Mr Jansons himself was also honored as a member of the association of Vienna music will, he will use these two songs to a lasting influence Austria in 200 years of music association will salute.

north strauss

on January 1, 2012, eu country holds the council’s presidency for Denmark. To this end, the Vienna New Year concert debut “Copenhagen steam locomotive galop”, this is the Danish composer Hans & middot; Christian & middot; Aaron, thanks.

Aaron worshipped by Joseph & middot; Lanner and old John & middot; Strauss, the influence of the music works which was very infectious, he was affectionately known as & other; Throughout northern strauss &; . Orchestra percussionist on-site mimic the sound of the train outbound, along with the rumble of wheels, a magic trip.

& other; St. Petersburg people & throughout; In the golden hall & other; While the iron is hot & throughout;

the rest of the seven songs are related to the conductor jansons. Jansons command the Vienna philharmonic orchestra for the first time in 1992, now lives in st. Petersburg. That night he command Vienna boys’ choir sang again Joseph & middot; “While the iron is hot France polka” strauss, Edward & middot; Strauss’s Carmen four pairs of dance, in addition, there are three pieces, including the pince polk, Persia march “and” the love of combustion progenitor polka “, they reminded us how important it is for the strauss family, st Petersburg because from 1856 to 1856, John & middot; Strauss regular concerts in st Petersburg, and was a considerable success.

this year & other; St. Petersburg people & throughout; Jansons waved two small hammer, personally command to deduce the Vienna boys’ choir “while the iron is hot France polka”, in the golden hall & other; Throughout its &; Very lively. Although this scene in the 1994 New Year concert staged, but this is a rare picture let us feel the Vienna New Year concert in traditional filled with small and pure and fresh.