The han dynasty of the overhead cost half salary at home to eat their wear a jacket

han model update quickly Transport costs high luxury car sales were better than economical car

a decade ago saw a movie: “black gold”, Tony leung ka-fai playing the underworld eldest brother of the meeting, a small head of late, the boss asked him why he was late, small head a. & other; The traffic & throughout; . The boss ask again: & other; What car? Throughout the &; A: small leader & other; Ma fork of & throughout; . The boss despise ground to say: & other; No wonder you’re stuck in traffic, it was open fork, horse horse open fork of are not qualified in our meeting here, please go back to it. Throughout the &;

I do not know the fork of the company and what is the festival, the film producers had been derogatory to this point, and make me the most shocking is that traffic jam was related to what car? Don’t blame the road blocked, only blame your car a little, but in the final analysis is the owner unwillingly, buy a wall road car & ndash; & ndash; Tony leung ka-fai speaking, it’s black.

this car, not blocking the road, also the heart of the owner, and the car difficult, not only the motor vehicle, also including the carriage; Helpless painful owner, not just the young leader in the movie, there is also a big fellow empire in the middle of the big shots & ndash; & ndash; & ndash;

envoy Liu Jia bragging about the han dynasty & other; Traffic & throughout;

vehicles have number, is also a country or region one of the symbols of prosperity or not and so the ancient? University of time to read the book Biographies of shu qin, the name is shu unemployed to lobby JiXuan king in qin alliance, in order to strengthen the confidence, let qi leaders feel with their own strength is against qin, shu qin trumpeted the qi of the coastal state and prosperous, from business to the industry, to entertainment, lists the various aspects of indicators, among them very important one is: qi social vehicle ownership is very big, especially in the capital,, urban traffic congestion to the axle and axle shaft friction, the back of your car’s head with his, his carried my wheel axle, & other; Coating, car hub. Throughout the &;

the implication is that with your hands of qi has so many cars, also afraid of what the state of qin. Car is more power, this is the logic diplomat shu, but also by king JiXuan identity.

in the han dynasty, after the great over after the revolution of qin and chu, the big fellow empire on the basis of poor start construction, the direct consequences of the civil war is: social sharply reduce vehicle ownership.

the head of state to the presidential limousine, want to complete all the horses are not. Though poor, countries material difficult to, but reunification cannot careless, the south, is crawling with residual forces of qin empire & ndash; & ndash; Ling legion.

ling seems split in planning a han, the political landscape, but he is, after all, hebei RenShi, central China, in the matter of unification or to split the fate of an emergency, the han dynasty, the central government sent a special envoy Liu Jia forward for united front work. Country was very poor at that time, there’s nothing to show off in terms of material resources, but also can’t hold up poorer and unified, Liu Jia minister to ling back to, the principle of unity at the big fellow his empire prosperity in the future in advance to when down description: & other; The car and, all things rich & throughout; , the important thing is: the han dynasty of the vehicle ownership is very large. Due to information asymmetry, ling also believe: people more cars, more can not strong? Thus given up his separatist stance. In terms of maintaining unity, & other; Car & throughout; This indicator, stands the immortal feats.

han dynasty economy rapid development

of course, Liu Jia minister also not making empty promises, he understood that, under the guidance of relax policy, economic growth is predictable, the car is much sooner or later. Sure enough, the whole country honestly to recuperate, officer, not for the people, people do not harass officer, also never thought with large construction and development to make economic growth, Chinese emperor even think and want to build a gazebo, had to give up, in this and other Actual & throughout; Conservative economic policies, the economy has developed, domestic demand and stimulating, you rich, went and bought is the carriage of course.

han dynasty models frequently updated Selective high Luxury cars popular

unexpectedly, the big fellow empire also traffic, from the western han dynasty to the eastern han dynasty, from changan to luoyang. The most important of all, the heart of the ruling class is difficult.

the road? Road conditions in the western han dynasty, I didn’t find the description of the directly, but can be seen from the transport situation, the most obvious phenomenon is car standard in the relaxation of luxury cars in the popularization, the original provisions of heads of state with a car, but local governors, the senior officials’ children in the capital, also dare to use, sima qian’s records: & other; Wear is right & throughout; That car can compare with the head of state.

cattle wagons and filling path

originally only the boss can use, now you also in, I also use the original capital region is a, now the hummer just as much as Chinese cabbage, road congestion also cans be imagined. Record is more intuitive to the eastern han dynasty, when the professor philosophic said: bullock carts and carriages, filled with roads, & other; Cow carriage and, stuffing road & throughout; . Estimated that professor wang go to work is terrible, so there is the sigh.

there is an obvious phenomenon that may be because the consumer demand for vehicle retrofit, the frequency of vehicle production and marketing was very fast, models elimination rate is also high, the economists say & other; The car not tired throughout the &; Car, haven’t enough time, is eliminated, the owner to chase new models.

more car, broad insight concerns arise, not worried about air pollution, while Lamar excrement will smell a bit, but also not damage the ozone layer, the han people honest, not like the present some experts roll burps fart will damage the environment, and therefore charge & other; Fart tax & throughout; To my knowledge.

when people mainly worry about the car more than ordinary officials and people, especially the more luxury car, wouldn’t have superior officers, will endanger the society as a whole management structure, do you think about it, you are nothing more than the emperor to open, a when ministers also I open the bugatti wei navigation, who worse than who? Car standard released, the heart of scornful of equals and superiors is generated.

in a feudal autocratic society, people are not afraid of officer, officer, small, not afraid of big officer, this society how to operate?

as a result, the broad masses of people, social elite to limit the use of the carriage is put forward, the national economic work in the period of han emperor (salt iron would), there is a meeting & other representative proposed Quarter car and & throughout; The slogan.

in the former head of state before & ndash; & ndash; Emperor, already was carried out on the vehicle tax, and improve the transport costs, is equal to restrict the use of indirect, but it seems that the effect is not big.

the emperor period, made the private vehicle standard of assessment. In addition to public vehicles and military vehicles, private cars and commercial vehicles should pay tax, a horse & other; Horsepower & throughout; Civil car, pay tax of one hundred and twenty per two thousand money a lot of money, a horse & other; Horsepower & throughout; Commercial vehicles, two thousand per two thousand in tax money a lot of money, calculate according to the proportion, the more luxurious car, the higher the tax.

for horses and chariots, he went to confiscation of property tax cheats

pay taxes into countries with, because the front is expedition hsiungnu. Taxes are too high, the za tax evasion line not line? No, the cost too is high.

at the time of justice Zhang Shang proposal: who dare for horses and chariots tax cheats, vehicles and property confiscated owners, but also on the front when soldiers in a year.

however, the country regulates transport effect is not obvious, use standard or luxury direction development, at the time of luxury car call & other A tiny car & throughout; , economical car call & other; Frugal car & throughout; , & other; A tiny car & throughout; Market space is more and more big, may be the time of the various & other; 4 s shops & throughout; Give priority to dozen of products with luxury cars.

at a time when the man of insight and economists shout out & other; Quarter car and & throughout; Slogans, luxury cars, mainly for the social climate, natural and grind support concepts on the face of the owners, struggling, so-called has the room have a car, penniless.

two thousand stone Subsidy accounts for half of

as officials in the han dynasty, is certainly a car, needless to say, the cadres and cars have strict rules, you are a minister-level officials, cannot use departmental official car, or drive out are embarrassed to say “hello”.

the Confucius is the sheriff lu, have special vehicles, the most proud of his students YanHui died, YanHui hole dad want to borrow the teacher’s car bid a final farewell to his son, want to his son’s funeral scene point. Where that hole in the most valued YanHui teacher, but this time will not answer, the reason is: I am in the literary intelligentsia and departmental level cadres, how can not abide by the transport system, with departmental level car without authorization to the ordinary student honor?

in order to maintain a of the family to eat their

since officials can’t downgrade, involving the use of the vehicle and the han dynasty’s car market, is toward the development of the luxury, car ownership, that is not usually expensive. When the vehicle is not oil, is horse, real & other; Horsepower & throughout; The cost of the car, and a horse?

sima qian said & other; Horse a throughout the gold &; Is the car at the beginning of the han & other; Gas & throughout; , when the han emperor, national economic work conference released data show that a luxury car and stone grain, one thousand for a year when a stone is equivalent to now 27 jin, namely 27000 jin of grain.

on the basis of the data, let’s take a look at an official afflict the central level of the owner. The owner called GongYu. Mr GongYu level is very high, is the ancient han emperor time, the office is used to replace the prime minister, is salary & other Throughout the two thousand stone &; , that is, a little higher than two thousand stone, stone is about 2160. That sounds scary, can count with the fare, and even more scary: one thousand have a car, but gong adults year salary bonus is two thousand stone, car ownership keep out half of the annual salary.

so big luxury car at home, eat one thousand m a year, the appetite of people have to save, open, deputy prime minister home actually eat & other; Throughout their &; , wear cool and refreshing, also is short clothes. And also can’t save the cost, because what is level, what level with the car.

now that couldn’t afford a car, then the hour gray income? Poor Mr GongYu is an official, can only play hardball with salary subsidy. He once complaining to the emperor: leadership, in order to keep this car, I sold the house one hundred and thirty mu of land.

it is based on the suffering of the subsidy, Mr GongYu luxury car on social standard is very hate, he make such a malicious words: and even the national vehicle ownership, should lose two thirds. & other; Take and take royal artifacts, three to two. Throughout the &; This is all supplies car wouldn’t come out.

Liu Ge yue:

can’t help to the han dynasty who couldn’t afford a car of the respect, the history of respect, the nation’s respect.

officials couldn’t afford a car, in private, not the owner of the success, but in the public, is definitely a good official.