The highest prize in pingyao international photography festival “renmin” : find a Angle in the POTS and pans

OuYangXingKai: renmin road & other; Siping throughout m &;

article mango illustrated Zhou Lingfeng

changsha, renmin road no. 790, now has a bright logo is a business hotel, to and from work every day, I go through here, rush hour even had been blocked by traffic for a long time, but never too much attention to, until meet OuYangXingKai and his series of photography – “renmin”.

OuYangXingKai works

this group completely realistic photography, recorded the renmin road no. 790 before modification, and state of existence of a number of migrant workers to rent here, in the past the near pingyao international photography festival, the biggest gains photography festival awards, become the focus of photography, work with panoramic view of reality, conquered the judges, also conquered the watch every work of ordinary people.

in the POTS and pans for Angle

in 2011, is necessary to complete series of OuYangXingKai busy looking for a new topic, he drove around and found that there was a labor market under the renmin road overpass many migrant workers with tools gathered here every day, waiting for the employer. OuYangXingKai intuition here head & other; Games & throughout; And he watched her for several days, went on with his camera.

at first did not go well, some people avoid, some even warned him not to shoot, speaking of which, OuYangXingKai imitate the posture – I can see you again, migrant workers to the camera & other; Outsiders & throughout; Is not welcome. OuYangXingKai changed strategy, get up at 6 o ‘clock every day, half an hour drive casing under the overpass on time, & other; When do they go to work, I go to work what time & throughout; . He went on a few packs of cigarettes, in a small card machine, and migrant workers to chat, make friends, two or three months, people begin to accept him, & other; They may think, I am the old man and have not ((hate). Throughout the &;

Familiar with

, migrant workers about OuYangXingKai to sit in the home, he promised to see an unexpected scene: house number for building, 790 renmin road, the four layers, a layer of rent is transformed into shops, two to four layers are contractors five-layer plywood building materials, such as the size of a split into 4 square meters booth rental, many migrant workers working in the field of decoration, wind cannon, bricklayer, rented in siping meters in the narrow space.

4 square meters space, just enough to put a small bed, and made a crude wooden table, even as a temporary home, also can let many people unbearable, however in the building, 4 square meters often have to live on a few, no independent kitchen, toilet, in addition to the fan, electric rice cooker, few other electrical equipment, let alone the sound insulation effect, the only advantage is cheap, a room to rent 260 yuan, if the use of water and electricity, plus 60 yuan.

careful OuYangXingKai found that there are 190 rooms, means that the whole building nearly 190 families live in peak period, the crowd density high, make informed he also surprised for it.

here and then became OuYangXingKai working place.

how narrow all-round performance & other Siping throughout m &; Is a technical problem, after the trial, OuYangXingKai chose with a fisheye lens, therefore also by well-meaning friends warned: with a fisheye lens such subjects, is a photographer’s taboo. But he has his own consideration, fisheye lens covers all the objects of siping meters within enough: a narrow bed, wood cabinet, POTS and pans, of course, the most critical, or people who live here.

& other; A sample of sociology & throughout;

for a photographer to shoot itself is not difficult to OuYangXingKai kung fu in the poem, he and the communication between the subject of thorough, enough to called a sociological fieldwork on samples.

before filming, made solid preparations OuYangXingKai: do a baseline survey on the subject. He devised a form, suitable for family basic situation, income level, none are not included in the, most migrant workers to fill out this form in great detail.

the deeper communication, OuYangXingKai concerned about the topic of is becoming more and more clear: behind every a migrant worker, corresponds to an incomplete family that their children have become left-behind children, who will take care of? Their hometown who pastureland fields for farming? Migrant workers into the city, the medical social security problem how to solve?

these problems, one by one on the investigation, take photographs, it became part of the people’s livelihood survey activities.

in order to collect more material, OuYangXingKai set up the camera, record their own working process exactly, he showed a reporter a 19 minutes of video, video, shot by migrant workers, in the face of lens tells his story:

a chapter called “liu, 28, migrant workers, long lost parents, has been working outside, due to limited income, children can only entrust in brother home, because too little time to stay together, is the diaphragm between children and parents, and other Know that I am a father, but refused to call & throughout; , speaking of the foster children in brother home, liu chapter more than tears. This kind of situation, it is not uncommon in OuYangXingKai contact of migrant workers, another couple for many years, in the home two children have drowned, one large and one small this year nearly half-century couple had to gave birth to a child, the hardships of life, their expression depicts & all the other Hard & throughout; .

at the same time of be moved by these subjects, OuYangXingKai determined in a more rational way, to present him to know everything. He took advantage of their own professional expertise, rented building of migrant workers is actually a change history, and as a sample, reveal the migrant workers in the process of urban development & other; Staggered amphibious & throughout; State of survival, to put forward a series of realistic ask, cause the attention of the public for migrant workers, critics say, OuYangXingKai & other; Efforts to media to express this modernity photography out of the aesthetic art of mold, actively develop its convenient, direct and empirical social discourse features, to deliver his views on social issues. Throughout the &;

alone, the OuYangXingKai and his series of “renmin”, in the present China’s real situation, there will be a record and the double meaning.