The hobbit author tolkien: “the father of modern fantasy literature”

“the hobbit” in the west continue to sell well in 75, “harry & middot; potter” the song of ice and fire, and the author of “avatar” is its cult. One important reason, is due to the hobbit will epic style with childlike innocence seamlessly into a childish is boring. Tolkien’s work was first translated into the Chinese world, publishers and translators have to he has had all sorts of different positioning and understanding. Such as “Lord of the rings” analogous to & other; The west’s “journey to the west” & throughout; , or as a children’s literature, the western fantasy culture, bold and heroic & other; The dwarf & throughout; And wise elegant & other; The elves & throughout; Translated into a fairy tale atmosphere & other; The dwarf & throughout; And & other Elf & throughout; . Now, with the hobbit new Chinese version of the publication, allow us to really approached the fantasy novel, learn to create the legend of the author.

tolkien is who?

the author of “the hobbit” J.R.R. Tolkien (J.R.R. Tolkien, 1892 & ndash; 1973) was a famous British writer, linguist, prof merton college English language and literature at Oxford University, who taught the ancient hero English verse, the history of English. Tolkien understand classical mythology system, with its magnificent imagination and profound language, is not going to write a legend story, an epic, but hope that through their own work to establish a system of belongs to the myth of the english-speaking world & ndash; & ndash; & other; In the state throughout the world &; : in da (Arda) this fictional world magnificent epic epic and legendary stories. Tolkien as al world shaped a complete and orderly inheritance of chronological history, vast, rich in the geographical features of detail, precise and according to system of the gods. “The hobbit” and “Lord of the rings”, have occurred in the late in the third age of al in state of the world. The elves, humans, hobbits, dwarves, ents ents, and many other RACES, as well as their language, tradition, life custom, there is a close connection between each other; Seemingly essays with the objects, a song of a sigh, are hidden behind tolkien carefully write stories and legends. The two books have sold more than 250 million copies, been translated into more than 60 languages. By tolkien’s novel “Lord of the rings” the hobbit, but also raised a hot wave of fantasy literature and art.

wandering between cowardice and courage of the hobbit

tolkien’s first writing the hobbit, is to give his children tell a story by the fireside, the background, first of all, given the hobbit endless imagination. Tolkien is later in the story gradually development, found beyond imagination for work of epic temperament. Protagonist bilbo, a hobbit love easy and comfortable life, pleasure to stay at the hobbits in the abode of fairies and immortals hole in the bag. In the morning, sunny, smart wizard gandalf’s arrival broke the silence. & other; Across the icy cold and foggy mountains, in the deep underground caves of one thousand years & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Sing the old songs, 13 dwarves will bilbo drags to adventure travel team. In this trip & other; Surprise trip & throughout; Bilbo, otherwise, in the dark as night caves under the small ring found enough to change the world. After the story happened in the time of the elves is strong, the modern age when human beings rule before. At that time, the famous black forest still stands, the mountains are still full of disasters. Readers with the ordinary explorer uncommon journey, would be a troll, and his orcs and dwarves and elves, will also look at the great age of neglected. As the translator wu gang said: & other; Over the past 75 years, generations of readers found that bilbo is each one of us, hovered between cowardice and courage. The reason we don’t be a hero, maybe just didn’t wait until our gandalf. Throughout the &;

& other; He is the real master & throughout;

“the hobbit” was published in 1937, affected the numerous authors later. Recalling their initial reading experience, affectionate with respect to tolkien, think he led an ignorant readers on the path of creation. Stephen & middot; Gold admitted his seven volumes of books the dark tower series directly from tolkien, & other; While I was in 1966 and 1967 to read the Lord of the rings series, but I can not write to write. My breadth of tolkien’s imagination was deeply impressed, for his story is the kind of ambition got the message. Thank you Mr, enjoy the 20th century it need all of the elves and the wizard. Throughout the &; Rowling was 14 when she began to read the Lord of the rings, and until the & middot; harry potter wrote last volume, still insists he & other; Not beyond tolkien, his works have a whole new language and myth, but I don’t have these things in the magic world & throughout; . Author of the song of ice and fire, George & middot; Martin said: & other; Until today, although I still have many years can continue to work hard, but I think I never think the past pursued tolkien, he is a real master. Throughout the &;

in this sense, tolkien’s & other; The father of modern fantasy literature & throughout; , this not only means that he is the origin of this kinds of future generations, but because of his creative fantasy literature, from the story of the dragon and the type of magic Zhuo drawn, inherit and continue for a modern myths.

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