The imperial palace for the first time after 1949 are stolen, lost gold of the 166 two

on March 19, 2012 of the nation & other; 5 & middot; 8 & throughout; Jewel case in Beijing won the first-instance judgment, the court ruled that Shi Baikui guilty of theft, and the social harmfulness is great, Shi Baikui prison was sentenced to 13 years, fine of 13000 yuan, deprivation of political rights for three years, continue to recover its illegal gains and the victim will be stolen units. It is understood that after the founding of the people in the palace of all previous jewel case, Shi Baikui sentenced for quality and quantity jekyll reason the lightest. In the calendar before the jewel case, the criminal was sentenced to life imprisonment is not, was sentenced to death. One of the more than 50 years ago the palace first stolen is an example:

on August 16, 1959 in the morning 6 PM, staff opened the door of the temple of the national Palace Museum pride raises a gender, found a big glass broken close to the ground. After counting found, west room first JuanGui stolen. Ark inside with clear twenty years on queen RenXian envisage copies of article 14 volumes, with ten pages book of jade, 5 handle jade flower put a sheath of gold dagger and gold hair pin, blades and other cultural relics. Eight of the book of page 14 gold pages and 5 handle jade flower put a sheath of gold dagger with a gold coin missing. Alone lost book on page 8 gold, the gold Chinese measurement weighing up to 166, this is since the founding of the people at that time the biggest burglaries in Beijing area, even in the palace burglaries is rare in history.

after receiving reports of the Beijing municipal public security bureau, bureau of leaders and related personnel to the scene immediately, on-site exploration. In the afternoon, called an emergency meeting of the deployment of the Beijing municipal public security bureau detection work, and report to the ministry of public security national province public security department, bureau to help solve crimes. Time was a flash in the past three months, the imperial palace theft detection work is still not any substantial progress. In detective work had, on November 12, suddenly receive the tianjin public security bureau immediately: the train from Shanghai to Beijing on the 11th, police seized a Wu Qinghui no ticket staff, review found in person carry ancient money 1, 8 piece of scrap gold, suspicious. Municipal public security bureau immediately send officials to go to tianjin, together with the tianjin metro further chasing, Wu Qinghui confessed crimes, such as stealing the Forbidden City gold volume of the facts.

Wu Qinghui, male, 20 years old (say) 18, ShouGuang County Sun Yunzi north village in shandong province, on July 14, 1959 in Beijing looking for a job and live in YongDingMenWai west quay 1 l Wu Guisheng third sister’s home. Because of unwilling needy, in early August to the Palace Museum treasures such as copies of pride to visit presentation has evil intentions, afternoon to buy tickets on the month 15 again into the pride. Evening calm pavilion, he slipped into pride wall outside the toilet went into hiding, raises break into the house after dark, nerve to steal gold volumes such as national treasure, and then climb a wall around the room to the door the dark, while the guard chat with cool people, mix out of the palace. After that evening at 8 fled back to home, to the third sister left page or two copies of gold. 16 Wu Qinghui sneaking into their home with the rest of the stolen goods. According to replacement, Wu Qinghui and three elder sister has cut up the golden book 2 pages, respectively, in Beijing, shandong yi, weifang, betrayed, bank losses of more than 1000 yuan. On November 9, Wu Qinghui seized by origin via tianjin by train, the theft of goods and the use of money to buy the radio and a trebuchet, were seized in the origin, the elder sister also was arrested in Beijing.

in March 1960, Beijing municipal intermediate people’s court Wu Qinghui was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life. Sentenced to 15 years in prison and its sister deprivation of political rights for five years. At this point after the founding of the imperial palace first theft case solved. (in this paper, data from the Beijing volunteers & middot; public security “)