The international art exhibition in 2012 not to be missed Renoir painting origin will show

s renoir works

in 2012, the world will have many colorful international art exhibition, there are quite a few exhibition is rare. Listed below 14 international art exhibition, the real art lovers, do not miss it.

date drawing and another 136 in New York City

& other; Calendar fetish & throughout; The original temperature in DavidZwirner gallery painter river’s solo exhibition will be opened for each artist retrospective tide in 2012, the exhibition will display the date of the river, the original temperature since 1966, will also present him in the journey of life.

location: DavidZwirner gallery (USA)

time: January 6 solstice on February 11,

damien – hurst & other; Stipple daqo & throughout;

this is an unprecedented large exhibition, Hess and hurst wants the proof of the global market. His & other; Dotted throughout the &; In all around the world on gagosian branch display & ndash; & ndash; Including London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong. From his 1986 exhibition works draw personally first stipple, with the creation of his assistant army force last year by drawing, composed of 25781 color not repeat color points.

location: gagosian gallery (world)

time: January 12 solstice on February 18,

in wonderland, Mexico and the United States of female artists surrealistic adventure

Los Angeles art museum will hold exhibitions explore the surrealism & other; Yin & throughout; One side, will showcase freda – carlo, Dorothea – Stewart downing, Maya – d and Louise – Boolean bourgeois and others.

location: Los Angeles museum of art (USA)

time: on May 6, on January 29 solstice

, impressionism and painting complete

this is on an institution fully enjoyed renoir how to brush the large painting brightness only chance, including the impressionist masters & other; The Paris salon & throughout; A series of full set of 9 pieces of portrait, and & other; The umbrella & throughout; (5) 1881188 and & other Dancers & throughout; (1874), and other series.

location: Frick collection (USA)

time: on May 13, February 7 solstice

lu – Freud & other; Portrait & throughout;

lucien Freud died last year, this year, will be concentrated at the museum of London’s national portrait painted his prolific 70 years a large number of portrait painting, painting the hero, including his old love, family and close friends, will present the more private side of big-name artists.

location: the national portrait gallery in London (UK)

time: on February 9, to May 27