The Internet hit songs mother-in-law click on more than 100000 Heart hairy feet son-in-law

& other; Give me an authorization call your mother-in-law, anyway our tomorrow you made in your hands. High above the future mother-in-law, you, I wish beside you girl. Throughout the &; I do not know since when, on the stage of marriage, mother-in-law from rising up behind the scenes. Can marry to the wind, mother-in-law become more and more important factor, hairy feet son-in-law nature HOLD not to live. Recently, a song “mother-in-law” in youku, tudou and other popular video web site, a week, received more than one hundred thousand times.

hairy feet son-in-law to curry favor with good mother-in-law is a must, it’s the best interpretation of the mother-in-law songs MAO foot son-in-law’s mind. Adopt the urga music rhythm, lyrics humorous. Both reflects the mother-in-law in the important role of marriage, at the same time, without for cosying up to the old man’s house.

lyrics & other; Give me a, to London square, literally feed pigeons, transit to Hong Kong, it’s the life & throughout; , borrowed & other; Throughout life body &; All show the network hot element; & other; Family learning and personality, as well as car and house, your standard and optional xu, do not have what different & throughout; Hit the nail on the head, but also to reflect some parents marriage concept.

in the past two years, old woman daughter-in-law dramas popular screen. The mother-in-law daughter-in-law, fascinating story between son-in-law mother-in-law also let people relish. And the mother-in-law song in the video screen, covering nearly all of the nearly two years hit TV classic mother-in-law’s image. Such as daughter-in-law good times reasonable mother-in-law Wang Chenggong, “naked marriage age” in strong stubborn mother-in-law Tian Shuyun.

many netizens have speculated the song mother-in-law is the author for his mother-in-law. Drumming the original song liu said that he had been married, and had to his mother-in-law and not too many requirements. But now he felt the hairy feet son-in-law pressure is relatively large, hoping to video you more attention.