The latest archaeological fossil shows human ancestor or smaller than mice (FIG.)

Achilles base monkey

the Chinese and foreign ancient home said in jingzhou city, hubei province near the oldest skeleton of primate discovered to date fossils, fossils suggest that the human ancestor or smaller than mice, is good at jump in the rain forest trees & other Pocket monkey & throughout; .

the latest issue of the papers published in the journal nature, said in China’s hubei province in 2003 found a nearly complete primate frame was confirmed to new species & ndash; & ndash; Achilles monkey.

Achilles monkey’s body is about 71 mm long, weighing about 20 to 30 grams, is good at jumping and limbs grasping, daytime activities, mainly feed on insects. The paper claims the discovery of the species of primates early provides important clues as to the origin of evolution and the great apes.

paleontologists believe, Achilles monkey lived 55 million years ago to the early Eocene early glasses monkey is nearest to the great apes. , including monkeys and apes and humans, apes and size small, eyes large glasses primate Jane nose monkey monkey is under the different groups.

the paper’s first author, NiXiJun researcher at the institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology, Chinese academy of sciences, said in an interview, Achilles base monkeys at the primate evolutionary tree is very close to the location of the roots. & other; When early apes and early glasses monkey is just beginning to appear differentiation, so Achilles is characteristic of both apes and glasses monkey monkey. Throughout the &;

NiXiJun, said the findings for the research of the origin of the great apes and primates early differentiation offers a lot of evidence, and living conditions for the reconstruction of the oldest human ancestors provides a fairly complete picture.

he said, compared with the previously found that the earliest fossil primate, namely, Wyoming found in messel, Germany and the United States, about 48 million years ago primate fossil, Achilles base monkeys are our closest relatives, the which belong to human distant relatives nose monkey suborder.

paper collaborators, Pittsburgh Carnegie museum of natural history paleontologist Christopher & middot; Beard, ‘said Achilles monkey with known all primates vary, & other; Look like a freak, with the foot of the great apes, but the arms, legs and teeth is very primitive primates. Throughout the &; At the same time, compared with big eye glasses monkey, & other; Throughout its eyes is very small, this surprise &; .

living and many ancient glasses monkey is a nocturnal animal, because of the sense of smell degradation, takes a lot of eye to capture the light. NiXiJun etc. Through the statistical analysis that Achilles monkey’s small eyes like apes is to emphasize the activities in the daytime.

Achilles monkey feet long, even longer than the calf. But the heel is very short is very wide, this is actually a great apes have characteristics, on the contrary, glasses monkey heel narrow and long. NiXiJun said, & other; Achilles & throughout; Highlight the heel characteristics of it. Achilles is invulnerable hero in Greek mythology.