The latest research shows that time is slow Will eventually be “frozen” (FIG.)

galaxy (figure)

Beijing, June 18 (xinhua) 17, according to foreign media reports, it is generally believed that with the expansion of the universe time is faster. According to new research, however, the time is gradually slow down, and will eventually stop.

according to the Spanish scientists research results show that people are cosmic expansion theory & other; Fooled & throughout; . In fact, time is slow, eventually everything will stop. Like photos & other; Condensation & throughout; Live the moment, everything will & other; Frozen & throughout; .

however, it is impossible to the naked eye to observe the effect to the slowing down of time. , according to scientists from the time finally stop there are billions of years, by then earth had disappeared, humans also had disappeared.

it is reported, has been widely accepted in the expansion of the universe that is based on the recognition & other; Anti-gravity & throughout; Concept, it is also called & other; Dark energy & throughout; . This energy is considered is pulled open the distance between the galaxies.

however, some scientists believe that the universe is experiencing is contrary to the theory.