The legendary art thieves were arrested 12 had a “confessions” by the thief (FIG.)


myers – J – Connor (Myles j. Connor) the legendary art thieves major U.S. museum in the United States for the crime scene. He has worked with Jenny – Cyrus (Jenny Siler) co-authored the art thieves: confessions of an art theft is, now finally arrested. Connor in the eastern United States on Thursday, according to the Artlyst Rhode Island region tried to rob two women mobile phone and was captured.

the art history of the United States and have a genius IQ level criminals more important art robberies, it including the metropolitan museum at the scene of the crime, Smith institute, Boston, etc. Connor skilled in a variety of means of theft and intrigue, but the heavy criminals recently decided to fall in small cases.

“art” by chronicling recorded the theft of connor career, is described by the market as & other; The wall of the people live a life is like a roller coaster & throughout; For evaluation of the book is mixed, readers. Connor wont gun battle with the police, his sharp wit, escape for many times. In 1990 for robbery, Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, become an important wanted the federal bureau of investigation. Connor was in prison, but the museum robbery is one of the most important, many say he is the mastermind of the case.

will be successful in broad daylight with Rembrandt, apparently out of the Boston museum of art, but to do this kind of petty theft behavior let a person feel a bit strange. It is understood that the robbery is not random, isolated incidents, but is associated with the drug. Connor, 69, was caught on the outside of the RI woonsocket city police station, when a women to connor girlfriend Suzanne – gold (Suzanne King also captured before) for bail, connor car video was exposed to the security area, the victims can clearly recognize his identity. According to the police, connor behavior can be as the level of crime of theft. Last year, he is accused of stealing in a chain, a pair of sunglasses, it seems the ten-day of nearly 7 years old man life is very poor.