The legendary female spy’s death: world war ii for the giants rich one top five divisions

Nancy & middot; Wakefield (August 30, 1912, & ndash; & ndash; On August 9, 2011), the code & other Mice & throughout; , the second world war legendary beauty spy, want to get rid of leader of Nazi Germany, and always can’t catch & other; Mice & throughout; , a former journalist, add resistance. After the war ended, wake received many honors, the United States, Britain, France and awarded her the national medal of respectively, her story was written into the novel, the big screen.

Nancy & middot; Wake on August 7, 2011 for chest infection, died in London, only 23 days from her 99th birthday.

by the nazis had offered a reward for 5 million francs for

Nancy & middot; Wake could have to do a big rich, but she became a rebel allied spy. Her face, stand for the allied ability, enough & other; Top up five divisions & throughout; . Old age is very poor, by selling medal. On August 7 this year, the legendary female die, only last wish is, ashes scattered on the hills of France & ndash; & ndash; There is a place where she had fought.

in April 1944 a night, Nancy take over aircraft came to France, Spain, the neon of complex scene, she didn’t see the sky only scarred in the conflict.

to fly to France auvergne in central city suburbs, she jumped umbrella, fall into a big tree. The guerrillas to docking, laments: & other; If every tree hung with such a beautiful fruit, it is great! Throughout the &; Captain for the male flattery, Nancy always thought often, and always with a shot of the language.

Nancy & middot; Wake, because fine face and extremely rich individual character, known as & other The bravest beauty spy & throughout; , is a Nazi bid & other wanted reward for 5 million francs; The blacklist & throughout; The first person. After the war, she was awarded the multinational medal of honor, her story has been adapted into a novel and movie.

7 August this year, the only 23 days that is full of legend, a 99 – year – old woman died in London.

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Nancy in nature have the virtue of adventure and courageous, star face more clever mind. At the age of 16, her body with 200 pounds a year away from home, it was her aunt died & other; Heritage & throughout; . However, Nancy soon found by the nurse in a hospital, began to live independently.

, according to media reports later Nancy ran away from home is compelling.clients, the reason is that she has a fantasy of a father. The man was a journalist, but the old thinking of weird movie, and to sell his house to raise money. Nancy and her mother, brother and sister were the new owner out of the house.

Nancy was born in Wellington, New Zealand, childhood with his family moved to Sydney, where he grown into a graceful girl. Due to growth in Sydney, she has been to Australia as a country, she recalled later, & other; I have three passports, respectively from Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Throughout the &;

this is the home of the youngest daughter, Nancy is not spoiled, heart is very rebellious. She doing routine work in the hospital, on the other side also completed university studies. Graduate with twenty years of age, and because you can travel, she also do his father’s occupation, and in England as a freelance journalist go alone.

she interview task throughout Europe, the gorgeous focus of bars and dance clubs in my spare time. The economist magazine said Nancy & middot; Wake often active in cocktail pavilion, even to the end of the life time also appeared in Staffordshire American bars in the hotel.

in 1933, Nancy received newspaper task, face to face interview to Berlin high-spirited Hitler, who just took office, the German chancellor. Nancy felt & other; The cowherd boys born political priority and is a handsome boy & throughout; . Of course, when two people do not know how she fared, otherwise will be tried to strangle the other on the spot.

after moved to France, she met 14 years older than himself, Henry & middot; Philippine President card & ndash; & ndash; A rich entrepreneurs, playboy. Henry threw themselves at Nancy’s feet. Nancy later recalled: & other; Henry is very handsome, is good at dancing tango, he is love my life. Throughout the &;

in November 1939, Nancy, 27, married to Henry. Two newlyweds, in marseille villa to discuss where to go, but the war fire has spread to all over the world. Two months ago, the germans invaded Poland, Britain, France publicly declared war on Germany, the outbreak of world war ii.

this a love fate, war let them drift from place to place, but this can be wealthy woman Nancy saw more people suffering & ndash; & ndash; More than 70000 jews by the nazis shot in France. Henry is Nancy bought a villa in marseille, but actually used to shelter resistance army and refugees. Nancy run carry clothes, cash and forgery in southern France, bought an ambulance help more than 1000 resistance army fled to Spain, refugees from the French border.

it is in the American peace hotel bar, Nancy met a French authorities from Nazi prison, on parole, British officer who immediately invited her to join the British special operations executive (SOE, subject to approval by Churchill himself set up), help the allied pilots, refugees and prisoners of war from France to Britain.

& other; The goddess & throughout; Top up five t

but a traitor in the organization, in November 1943, Nancy’s whereabouts be informers. Henry said to her, & other; You must go, I go to do some shopping, and get back to you immediately. Throughout the &; It was their farewell. Caught is Henry, the constantly chauffeured by the Nazi torture, killed are reluctant to reveal the whereabouts of his wife.

in 2001, Nancy love experience in wartime adaptations, Hollywood screen, called “charlotte & middot; grey” (also known as “gone with heaven”), the heroine in charlotte by Australian actress and Oscar winner Kate & middot; Blanchett plays. In the movie, the spy charlotte is how hope to find lover Peter in the occupied areas, but while unconsciously fell in love with another underground backbone. The reality of Nancy, it was not until after the war know & other; Throughout a lifetime love &; Henry had died in a Nazi’s gun, no one knows how much she was collapse.

& other; As early as in 1937, in Vienna on a commercial square, I witnessed the Nazi would be a dozen jews tied to a big wheel rotation, soldiers kept beating them. I am a reporter at the time, try to use the hands of the camera to record this scene, but germans it confiscated on the spot. Throughout the &; From then on, she was a firm faith, as long as will have the chance to stop the Nazi atrocities, & other; Even trivial, stupid, or escape, to go on, I never afraid of & throughout; . Years later, she recalled the circumstances, said: & other; I hate war and violence and wars have come, really can’t imagine why a woman can only shake hands with her husband to the battlefield. Throughout the &;