The location of the fan bingbing angrily rejected calligrapher’s hype: my boyfriend is really don’t suitable for you (FIG.)

on August 14, Beijing, movie “secondary exposure” press conference. Director li yu with film starring fan bingbing, howth YanLiang phase. Press conference topic bold spicy, involving & other; Jealousy, girlfriends, desire, betrayal, revenge, pain & throughout; And so on six big sensitive topic. The graph is fan bingbing site & other; Sell MOE & throughout; . Image: Oriental IC copyrighted works do not reprint

when fan bingbing, the day before yesterday to attend the film publicity, let go for the first time there have been steady boyfriend. Who can conquer the fan bingbing also raised curiosity. Network spread fan bingbing yesterday girlfriends broke, fan bingbing, prince charming is calligrapher Michael chow. But yesterday fan bingbing studio in weibo high-profile clarification.

yesterday, fan bingbing studio tweeting to & other; Fan bingbing! & throughout; According to the tone of the location of the boyfriend you can’t afford to sit, refers to Michael chow hype by fan bingbing: & other; The first, I have never met, you get card directly, will joke also open a little too big? You should write your word, I take my XiHang seriously? Don’t reserved seats, this position is not suitable for you! You don’t bother to me. I wish you, eat well, drink good, writing is good, happy, well-being! Throughout the &;