The lunar snake taboos “widow year” more “should not be in the red” contentious

Beijing February 7 at the end of every Chen kai-ge, folk various time shipping distance is part of a. Snake year approaching, & other; Snake is a widow years & throughout; , & other Snake is unfavorable in red & throughout; Such as widespread. Of all that have scientific basis?

snake spring free day lunar month Prominence is a widow, dumb

& other; Dragon is the widow years, should not be married & throughout; , from the start, the dragon is bothering to marriage of young people. Among them, some before at the end of year of dragon, married; Do you want some still hesitated, the snake year knot? Not until the year of the horse?

the snake is a widow years, cause lies in the lunar snake year no spring day. Spring day in 2013, on February 4, 2013, namely the lunar December 24; And spring day in 2014, was in February 4, the fifth lunar month. As a result, the entire lunar snakes without spring day, is a & other; There is no spring & throughout; . Old folk custom, no spring’s widow, dumb, unfavorable marriage leave, unfavorable fertility.

as we have learned, & other; There is no spring & throughout; Every few years will appear again. Because public than the lunar calendar out many days, more than a year to balance the difference, our country has more than two thousand years ago & other; Nineteen years seven leap month & throughout; The claim. Such adjustment as a result, have 7 years is every 19 years & other; Double-spring & throughout; And another seven years is & other; There is no spring & throughout; . In recent years, in 2005, 2008 and 2010 years for spring. Especially in 2008, a couple more.

why no spring is also called the widow years? By & other; Few years & throughout; Evolved

why no spring is also called the widow years? It is understood that the ancients is called without spring simple & other No spring & throughout; , also called & other; Few years & throughout; And later folk someone according to & other; Oligonucleotides & throughout; Meaning, extended to & other; Widow years & throughout; , outgoing & other; Few years & throughout; Not marriage.

this, a number of folk experts think, & other; Widow years & throughout; Is a superstition, there is no scientific basis.

according to the survey, now believe & other; Widow years & throughout; , mostly the elderly. Experts say, & other Would rather believe it is, no confidence throughout its no &; Point of view, creating a & other; Parrot & throughout; Atmosphere, this is a herd mentality. And gather together the consequences of marriage, will only make the wedding to guarantee the quality of service, on their children to school, employment and other issues in the future will face more competition, the knock-on effect.

& other; Figure a geely’s idea is understandable, but really not necessarily driven by the end of knot. Throughout the &; Most young people, rational view & other; Widow years & throughout; Question, think what time get married by the time of two people, two people’s feelings and economic condition decision objective reasons, such as don’t have to care about this custom. Marriage and a happy life depends on the joint efforts of both sides of husband and wife, careful management, love will last.

there are commented that believe & other; Widow years & throughout; , is largely about the marriage love people pursuit of the perfect state of mind, it doesn’t matter superstition not superstition, ignorance is not a fool, not to mention to the loudest critics, scoffed at. & other; After all, fully respect the culture of each option, and an important symbol of a mature system of social culture. Throughout the &;

snake avoid is dressed in red? Including New Year’s eve unlucky?

at the beginning of 2013, according to the lunar calendar snake is a glorious salamander, avoid wearing red also spread.

some netizens said that year 2013 people all need not buy a red dress, red belt, red socks all need not, because it is a glorious salamander, avoid is dressed in red. To this, the expert points out, in 2013, according to Chinese era is decyl the third year, decyl is air-dried, north water, color black, the third is gan, belongs to the southeast, in the twelve animal signs on behalf of the snake, so decyl the third year is a water snake. & other; In fact, this is the mystic elements in Chinese traditional culture, the public if just figure a good heat is good, if not taken seriously. Throughout the &;

in addition some netizens question, this year the lunar New Year’s eve is related to descend XiongJi 29th?

to this, the expert explains, the length of lunar month in the lunar cycle as a benchmark, & other; New moon & throughout; In a day of the new moon, is completely lost sight of the moon moment; & other; Hope & throughout; In a day of 15, is the time to the full moon. The average length of a lunar month is 29.53058885 days, therefore, our country sets monthly lunar month of 30 days, abortion is 29 days. In order to guarantee the lunar month of the first must be & other; New moon & other; , the arrangement of month size is not fixed. Monthly, in general, more, less abortion. As a result, the New Year’s eve in years including rare, some people think that bad luck, there is no scientific basis.