The maldives “paradise island” dump Burning of 330 tons of garbage a day (FIG.)

Slavic and filled with garbage burned to produce black smoke on the island (map)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on June 24, each year a large number of visitors from all over the world into white beach resort, but the prosperity of industry also brings disadvantages to foreign tourists leave rubbish to struggling to cope with the local government, have to make a paradise once beautiful island into a garbage dump, where the burning of 330 tons of waste every day.

the maldives in the more than 200 inhabited islands, 99 is a natural resort, here will usher in 750000 visitors a year, is 2 times of local residents. Visitors to produce a large amount of waste is dumped on the Slavic people on the island (Thilafushi). In the island, plastic bottles, food wrapping paper, corruption, such as garbage and white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and swaying palms, the burning waste gas toxic heavy, asbestos, lead to toxic waste serious effects on the ecological environment.

now, Slavic and burning of 330 tons of garbage a day on the island, the rubbish comes mainly from tourism & ndash; & ndash; Every visitor can produce 3.5 kilograms of trash every day. Although the maldives government has banned from dumping garbage here, but it’s too late, Slavic and island has become a & other; Rubbish island & throughout; . IfengLogo (Shen Shuhua)