The male self-study 6 foreign language translation of more than 400 movies sell was sentenced

jiangyin liu 30 years old, graduated from a famous university of international economic law professional, also proficient in six languages.

however, is that this should have been promising young man, but was sentenced for copyright infringement. Originally, literary youth liu to give more niche film share co-religionists, was developed to translate and download movies subtitles, also carved into a CD sales on the Internet. Yesterday, the yangzi evening news reporter learned that, intellectual property court cases to jiangyin court verdict. (correspondent Sun Jing Jing yangzi evening news reporter tiebout)

language geek translation niche film

it is known that liu graduated from a prestigious university, majoring in international economic law.

liu grew up like painting and animation, also love watching movies. But he was not promoting commercial blockbusters, prefer small literary films.

in order to better understand the film, liu taught himself English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean. Although have graduated in 67, but he hasn’t been out for work, every day they linger in each big BBS, their ideas and some enthusiasts.

liu in the BBS, and Internet communication, found that small movie channel is relatively small, the spread of many like-minded fans have & other; Want to see less than & throughout; Distress & ndash; & ndash; Literary piece is difficult to enter the domestic market, and online BBS has this demand, especially some of film and television professional school students, more struggling not to see. Then, liu began his translation these films, and got a lot of friends.

the yangzi evening news reporter learned that liu translated the total more than 400 films, is a small piece of literature and art. Liu said, now can see some of the domestic foreign niche of dramas, many of them started with his translation of the first.

3600 CDS at home is full of pirated

since 2007, liu will collect the niche of film translation, made after the subtitles of print into a disc, with printing film posters, open a shop on taobao for sale.

liu has always stressed that making money is not the ultimate goal, their pursuit of perfection, all of the subtitles are the plugin, absolutely not & other; Post & throughout; On the screen, affect the viewing effect. And, a disc as long as 2.9 yuan, CD is the best, won’t make any money, so get the support of a large number of Internet users.

in April this year, xiao liu captured by jiangyin police, the police on the spot inspection on more than 3600 CDS from his home, audio and video discs are jiangyin copyright administration identified as copyright piracy copies. Therefore, liu was sentenced to three years, suspended for 3 years and 6 months, $10000 fine.

why study law will become criminals? Liu said, in 2007, he thought of copyright is not very strict, also know their own behavior violate copyright laws, but because of his love of film and so many friends, he is desperate to do down.

& other; The defendant’s behavior on the one hand, damage the interests of the copyright owner, also hit the enthusiasm of the creator at the same time, to the detriment of the cultural market innovation. We advocate citizens support canonicity, creating a favorable market environment. Throughout the &; Xu said the judge to undertake the case.

after the sentence, liu said in the future will correct use of their talents, to do more meaningful things, the future will be to do translation, it won’t do anything illegal crime again. (the name are not his real name)

judge claim & gt; & gt; & gt;

no problem as long as he doesn’t spread online

this year on April 26, is one of the world intellectual property day. Offer domestic Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries on the same day, drama and film subtitle translation and download the well-known video site & other; Everyone throughout the film and television &; Suddenly shut down. Standing party said & other; Will gradually close to download resources, but the plugin download subtitles and introduce the film and television will continue, will gradually lead people to some excellent overseas sources standing download sources. Throughout the &;

after the analysis thinks, & other; Everyone throughout the film and television &; Temporarily closed or by thinking net seizure event & ndash; & ndash; Thinking web portals, claims to be China’s largest digital membership reached more than 140, this year has been seized, web CEO weekend etc. Eight people captured by the police on suspicion of infringement of intellectual property rights.

now, jiangyin guy was sentenced, renewed concerns over translation subtitles illegal border issue. Xu, to undertake the case the judge said that if the translation itself doesn’t sell, naturally there is no problem.

there are lawyers, according to the analysis if the translated subtitles online transmission, are likely to go wrong, the first part of the small domestic did not introduce the films, and if have misunderstood the meaning of the author, in the process of translation is also violated the rights of others.

as a famous translator, internship monthly salary of 5000

last year, the guangzhou evergrande football club in the world’s top coach marcello lippi. From Beijing foreign studies university weng book swings the Italian language, translation became lippi’s conference.

according to the students, weng book when communist-led frugal, cost little, financially independent, not a penny in the home, will also be a part-time money subsidies home, send in university’s sister. Busy outside part-time job, according to weng book swings students, accompanied by translation daily pay for 400-500 yuan commonly, sometimes may reach 800 yuan, weng book about a part-time job, so hard to can easily earn thousands of yuan a month, tens of thousands of income often.

but during my internship in Evergrande, weng book swings are paid only 5000 yuan, weng books themselves say, & other; After the evergrande, less income. Throughout the &; But on the right track, weng book swings salary will be increased significantly.