The manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi” fall through the difficult time in shenyang Broken pile of paper pick up to treasure


“liao zhai zhi yi” fall through the difficult time in shenyang

it is well known that pu songling “strange stories” author, is from shandong. The manuscript, however, his masterpiece “liao zhai zhi yi”, zha landed in shenyang? Of these, and for a period of tortuous story.

seventy earning & other; Gongsheng & throughout;

lifelong masterpiece “strange stories”

words leave fairy, pu song-ling LiuQuan, Mr He serial. Thirteen years (1640 years) in the Ming dynasty, pu songling was born in shandong province zichuan district of zibo city hongshan town PuGuZhuang. 19 years old, have passed county, fu, pu song-ling three first, once MingZhenYiShi. Thought that from then on, he has repeatedly try’t, until the age of 71, only completed & other; Gongsheng & throughout; The & in the other SuiGong & throughout; . During the Ming and qing dynasties imperial examination system, selected by government, state, county (scholar) scores or qualified excellent choice to the capital of the imperial academy to study, called & other; Gongsheng & throughout; For the contribution to the emperor. In the qing dynasty’s & other; Gongsheng & throughout; Also divided into & other; Mr Gong & throughout; , & other Pull gong & throughout; , & other Vice gong & throughout; , & other SuiGong & throughout; , & other Optimal gong & throughout; , & other Cases of gong & throughout; .

due to come down, life distress, pu songling should baoying county magistrate of a county Sun Hui invitation, did a few years & other; Southland advising & throughout; . In addition, he has been in the west village shop do family & other ShuShi & throughout; For 42 years, until you come back to hometown at the age of 61. 54th in the qing dynasty years (1715 years) in the first month, pu songling, died at the age of 76.

often deep folk stories, listening to people after all kinds of bizarre story, promptly recorded. In the huge collection of folk stories and anecdotes, pu songling eventually created a collection of short stories “strange stories”. A total of 12 volumes, “liao zhai zhi yi” 491 short stories, become world-famous immortal masterpiece.

moved to shenyang love love love

PuShi posterity collect original

in the past, pu songling “strange stories of the manuscript, has been cherished by his descendants generation at home & other; PuShi clan academy & throughout; In the. But, the development in the qing dynasty years, met a rare drought in one hundred, in shandong province crops crop failures, and the people suffered. But, people will go out to make a living. Among them, to the vast and sparsely populated, fertile land of the northeast three provinces of livelihood, become the first selection of farmers in shandong. Then, a mighty a pedal-driven vehicles, cart & other; Braving the journey & throughout; Flood, straight to the northeast.

PuShi family is no exception. Vii Sun Pu valence, pu song-ling Qie woman will come to the northeast, young finally in the qing dynasty capital shengjing (shenyang). People in addition to the trench, soft, pu price will also be ancestral relic, pu song-ling PuShi family heirloom, “liao zhai zhi yi” drama serial descriptions from the original, and more than six zhang long big canvas “serial play figure to shenyang. People just know pu price & other; Divination & throughout; . So, he is the decoration in the street & other Divination booth & throughout; , making his living from the human face reading, fortune-telling. Soon, the price of pu people became the shen city common well-known & other; Warlock & throughout; .

pu price people died, his eldest son PuYingHao, the second son PuYingFang inherited PuShi family heirloom. PuYingHao have been kung fu, the army as a youth, successive whistle the qing army officer, help system, and later served as the shengjing general according to g o tang & other; Staff & throughout; .

shengjing general borrowing original

died in Beijing lost the letter

according to g o tang is the manchu we have got rich people, born in jilin province ytong Ma Gutun. In the fight against Japanese and Russian aggression, safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity in the struggle, in accordance with g o tang has just made outstanding achievements, by the qing court him. March 21 years (1895 years) in the qing dynasty, the qing court give according to g o tang head product top hat; In may the same year, according to g o tang we have got rich han army commander-in-chief; In August, as shengjing general.

according to g o don know PuYingHao is a descendant of pu song-ling, and collect the original “liao zhai zhi yi”, after to PuYingHao borrowing. The manuscript, however, “liao zhai zhi yi” is PuShi family treasure handed down from ancient times, can show a stranger at random? But shengjing general according to g o tang is the boss PuYingHao, PuYingHao not dare defy, had to promise.

Original packing into two

“liao zhai zhi yi” letter of eight books. Worry in g o tang borrowing are not returned to us after PuYingHao left a beloved, first letter four copies of the manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi” lend according to g o tang, and specified on the letter after watching the four volumes, again for the rest of the letter of the four books. Unexpectedly, e. g o tang finish see letter in four copies, in exchange for the next letter shortly after four volumes, went to Beijing for official business, at the same time take the original “liao zhai zhi yi” under the letter of the four books. Soon, the Beijing news came: according to g o tang died! The manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi” under the letter of the four books, also don’t ask for the from now on. Watching the ancestors legacy is a treasure handed down from ancient times only a half left, PuYingHao lamented head to cry, to regret.

repeatedly traversing the manuscript back

rare literature to the country

in 1900, Russian invaders aggressively to invade the northeast three provinces. As a scout the qing army officer, PuYingHao was sent to the xifeng against the enemy, his family together with her, moved to the west. At the beginning of the last century, died PuYingHao. His son PuWenShan cherished keeping original letter on the four books “liao zhai zhi yi”, “serial miscellanea” manuscript, as well as the picture scroll “serial play figure”.

during the puppet, big traitors Yuan Jin armoured learned PuWenShan decorated with the original “liao zhai zhi yi” and other rare and precious cultural relics, then through the xifeng county magistrate Feng Guangmin puppet, find a PuWenShan of xifeng county library curator at the time, will not let PuWenShan manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi”, rare and precious cultural relics such as picture to transfer to him. PuWenShan replied, & other; This is the treasure PuShi family for generations, who don’t also want! Throughout the &; See PuWenShan adamant, Yuan Jin armoured bullying, intimidation bullying PuWenShan. PuWenShan every possible way helpless, had to bow for bending, involving the painting of qing dynasty painter o elmutun serial play figure transferred to Yuan Jin armor, and will be on the original letter of “liao zhai zhi yi” four books lent Yuan Jin armor. Since then, Yuan Jin armoured this & other; Borrow & throughout; Is five years. Manuscript, meanwhile, Yuan Jin armoured from “liao zhai zhi yi” selected 10 articles, published in shenyang to photocopy. After PuWenShan traversing many times, Yuan Jin armoured to return the original “liao zhai zhi yi”.

in 1951, the ministry of culture of the people’s government of northeast collect rare and precious cultural relics. Original PuWenShan after learning, they will be “liao zhai zhi yi” letter on the four books, as well as the serial descriptions from 32 copies, were donated to the northeast of the people’s government. Later, after the people connoisseurs Mr Yang Renkai identification, confirmed that the rare and precious cultural relics for pu songling “strange stories,” the original manuscript.

“serial” original two handwriting

part of the article student generation copy

The original

“liao zhai zhi yi” are two kinds of handwriting. Original Yang Renkai, argues Mr “liao zhai zhi yi” upper second volume, which has 30 article is generation of pu song-ling students such as others copy. & other; Fox harmonic & throughout; , & other Xin 14 niang & throughout; , & other Continue to huang liang & throughout; Revised articles such as more than the words, can be regarded as pu song-ling’s handwriting, it’s not hard to see writing stories serious attitude in the process of “liao zhai zhi yi”.

The manuscript,

“liao zhai zhi yi” creation reflects pu songling “strange stories of hardship. Pu song-ling in the inscription said: he has no talent, just prefer to collect & other; Ghosts and anecdotes & throughout; And is willing to listen to other people about & other; Ghost stories & throughout; . Every time I hear & other; Ghost stories & throughout; Later, should be recorded, in the long run it forms. The sides of people heard that he dedicated to collect & other; Ghost stories & throughout; After, still have to write down & other; Ghost stories & throughout; Give it to him. So, his theme is more and more. , therefore, writing stories “liao zhai zhi yi” after a long time, almost spent his lifetime. The historical records, from youth to collect folk material, pu song-ling until their 40 s and 50 s, finally finished the book “strange stories”.

weigh carefully tasks savants do famously well-proofreading

carefully censored pursuit

Yang Renkai, argues Mr Settled in shenyang, spread all over the world. The manuscript should be finalized, “liao zhai zhi yi” & other namely; Fair copy throughout the &; . From other generation notes 30 article analysis: first, after the first draft of this generation can entrust others copy; Second, such as & other; Xin 14 niang & throughout; , & other Fox harmonic & throughout; , & other Continue to huang liang & throughout; Such as articles, have larger deletions, pu song-ling and pu songling my handwriting & other; Aunt revenge & throughout; , & other Wang cheng & throughout; , & other Boosted & throughout; Chapters, such as have found typo wrong sentences, then conveniently modify, don’t like copy article tasks savants do famously well-proofreading other generation, deletion significantly; Original volume one third, “liao zhai zhi yi” in the last article, and the volume 2 of article 24 & other; The pig shiva dragon & throughout; Repeat that in a pu song-ling & other; The pig shiva dragon & throughout; No symbols, fore and aft to draw and write a & other; Heavy & throughout; Words. Again & other; Sea fish & throughout; An article, also has the ink write-off sign, may be that when the last tasks savants do famously well-proofreading, pu song-ling this story content is not full, or because of other reason, I will delete the post.

broken paper heap up home treasure

framed improper cutting short text

A book

“liao zhai zhi yi” immediately after the popular in society, the original is often borrow make private copies, until the qing dynasty qianlong dynasty print publication, make private copies phenomenon reduced slightly. According to expert textual research, pu songling, the original “liao zhai zhi yi” to eight volumes. Qianlong in the qing dynasty, written by pu songling the posterity PuLiDe BaYu said, original “liao zhai zhi yi” has been divided into 16 volumes. Shortly thereafter, is divided into 24 volumes. However, eventually returned to eight volumes. Manuscript will “liao zhai zhi yi” is divided into sixteen volumes, 24 volumes, apparently pieces, make private copies for the convenience of many people.

the relevant information, then, later generations PuWenShan pu song-ling, ask for the letter, and four volumes in back to the original “liao zhai zhi yi”, has been treasured. The original PuWenShan home in 1948, “liao zhai zhi yi” lost carelessly. Later, the communist party of China (xifeng county committee staff check the countryside land reform work, inadvertently in one family papers, found on the original letter of “liao zhai zhi yi” four volumes, eventually make the circulating for rare literature was in two thousand three hundred.

sino-japanese family & other; Optimal gongsheng & throughout; , pear academy mountain long Liu Zigui, said in the preface “strange stories from weaving, stagnation eight years (1869 years) in the qing dynasty, pu songling vii Sun Pu price when people get moved to shenyang as soon as possible, he carried over 20 volumes of the manuscript,” liao zhai zhi yi “JuanPi has wear and tear. Until the qing dynasty emperor guangxu years, pu price talent will be repainted manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi”, instead of two letter of eight volumes, regained the original volume.

in 1951, the price of pu will be original “liao zhai zhi yi” upper donated to the northeast of the people’s government ministry of culture, the manuscript has been framed, all the staff repainted. Unfortunately, due to the bad frame technology, decorate very beautiful, not only will the original upper cut cut too much, so they put pu song-ling handwritten Wang Yuyang comments, each section to a word or two words.

Is a household name

“liao zhai zhi yi” folk ChuanJiTi short stories, loved by people. However, due to the various periods FanKe, re-print, content like this. On the original letter of four volumes, “liao zhai zhi yi” is enough to rectify errata, straight on, and the appearance of “liao zhai zhi yi”.

at present, rare and precious cultural relics on the original letter of four copies, “liao zhai zhi yi” drama serial descriptions from 32 copies, are properly collection in the library of liaoning province.