The mayan astronomical tables continue to 7000 years to overthrow “the end of the 2012”

the archeologists in studying the painting on the wall and digital

the American archaeologist in Guatemala’s Maya cultural relics made important discoveries, including the oldest known Maya astronomical tables, records of astronomical phenomena and calendar. Calendar continues today after more than 7000 years, to overthrow the & other; Throughout 2012, said the end of the world &; .


this site is located in the northeastern Guatemala & other; Sequence, throughout; Rain forests.

Boston university archaeologist William & middot; Who was born in 2010, of a learned along the footprint, tomb raider in ruins found a building under the ruins. The archeologists digging and found that building four walls each 2 meters long, 3 meters long vaulted ceilings. The rooms have a piece of stone, according to this could be a used for writing the room. The room early history can be traced back to the 9th century.

three paintings on the wall and ceiling in good condition. Sitting on the east side of painting on the wall for the character image, real size, dressed in a black dress, wearing a crown, look to the north wall. North of painting on the wall, a beautifully dressed in orange, a pen in hand, Mr Figure, think that he is the king of the district.

the archeologists found, the other phases of the moon to record the calendar on the wall for about 13 years. This record to scribe can predict the full moon, several years in advance of the mayan plays an important role in astrology and all kinds of ceremony, may also be used to suggest ruler, when to go to war, how to harvest a year, and so on.

astronomical tables

the archeologists are most interested in is the east side of the wall of black symbols and ICONS, displays the motion rule of Mars, Venus and the eclipse cycle. There are some red marks on the wall, which indicates that the calculated comments and corrections. Who have said, scribe & other; View it as a blackboard & throughout; .

digital display on the wall four time span, respectively from about 935 to 6700, consisting of more than 7000 years after continues today. The researchers don’t know the time span of the specific meaning, may be a scribe when calculating the major astronomical event.

Mr Figure, said: & other; This is the first time we see record of may by scribes scribe is the official record of the mayan society member. Throughout the &;

barge fallacy

this archaeological discovery published on May 11, published in the journal science. , said, men who have new found further evidence & other Throughout 2012, said the end of the world &; Is a fallacy.

the mayan civilization is 2000 BC to 900 AD in today’s south Mexico to Central America area prosperity of ancient civilizations. Archaeological finds the Maya achievements in astronomy, mathematics, architecture and so on, especially they have complex astronomical calendar. The so-called & other; 2012 the end of the world said & throughout; From their calendar. According to the mayan calendar, a long cycle of more than 5000 years will end on December 21, 2012, some of them to interpret it as the mayans predicted & other; The end of the world & throughout; .

& other; The ancient Maya predicted that the world will continue to, from now on, in 7000, things may be so, & throughout; Who have said, & other; We are always looking for the finish line, the Maya people find everything will change, this is a totally different state of mind. Throughout the &;