The Ming dynasty palace 38 years only be released once 13 girls get 60 years old

contents for the continuation of the first two volumes, this book will view focuses on had a huge impact on the highest power struggle in the Ming and qing dynasties of the royal clan, and influencing the maid-in-waiting eunuch palace politics life closely and its success or failure key and fate, and through the imperial medicine parsing, national cultural relics of imperial cuisine tasting, recreating an excellent silks, dietary men and women, gold bead jade in the court of the world.

women of Ming and qing dynasty palace, there are mainly four groups: empresses, milk and a female officer, the maid of honor. Amusement is the emperor’s concubines. Milk is the nurse and the nanny. Nurse is primarily fed prince and the princess, is mother milk; Nanny is to look after, raising the young prince and the princess. Female officer to do management work, palace maid for the harem. Them into the palace, is selected. Above four kinds of people, the number of maid-in-waiting, amazing.

selected maids the Ming dynasty, the scope of whole world. Such as in the fourteenth year of hongwu (1381), ordered from, songjiang, jiaxing and huzhou fu and zhejiang and jiangxi provinces, voters between 13 to 19 years old unmarried women for ladies, choose between 30 to 40 years old woman without a husband to a female officer. The qing dynasty, regulation: & other; Every three years selected eight banners XiuNv, the fact of god; Every age choose office flag XiuNv, office of the Lord. Throughout the &; Here need to distinguish between: once every three years the eight banners is optional XiuNv, mainly for the concubines, noble, etc., some children choose to imperial clan fujin also; Once a year office of flag to choose, the GuanShu also called XiuNv, is actually a servant (later called palace), they mainly engaged in serving, cleaning, such as fatigue life. Office three flag, coating is mainly qing royal servant, or criminal stay within the flag, the family said & other; Simba repository throughout &; , is believed to be beneath them. So, the eight banners XiuNv and office three flags maid-in-waiting, its political status and social status is different. “Ladies talk to record” records, the girl grow up to 13, allowed in the office will be according to the book to the palace, it is should be filial piety as a slave job. Some people hope that girls go out to see the world: a result, a month can earn a few two silver, home and can get gratuity on time according to section; Second, girls learn some rules, regulate, in his palace figure a good reputation, to climb on to them, find a good husband’s family; To three, true if you marry a first class such as guards, and then someone a promotion, not a few years it may be.

training XiuNv and palace after he was elected to the house, want to undertake training. Maid-in-waiting training content: one is the culture, for an hour every day to write and read, the imperial secretary examination; Second, sewing, taught to embroidery and so on work; Third, cleaning and so on fatigue life. Four is to teach the palace of the etiquette and custom. Not qualified out of the palace, in turn, are available. A year later, jung of instituting shi amusement of daily life, for time is the clothes, is acted the role of, again lay. To be kept, not disorder. After the palace, optional.