The missing aircraft appeared in world war ii was not Egyptian desert sand buried is still in the fall

p lay in the Sahara desert – 40 small hawk fighters, belonging to the royal air force, in 1942, during world war ii forced landing

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12, according to the British media reports, the British royal air force a p – 40 small hawk fighter plane crashed during world war ii in the Sahara desert; Under the sand, seventy years later, back before the world, almost intact. Experts say the discovery is equal to find the precious time capsule, value equal aviation & other Tut & throughout; (a famous Egyptian pharaoh’s mummy).

performance than the German aircraft

the p – 40 small hawk fighters fall in Egypt in 1942 near the Sahara desert. Historians say, desert dry heat is not human survival, but it is a cultural relics preservation in the best environment. Aircraft can reopen a coincidence, it is reported that more than two months ago, the polish oil workers in Egypt’s western desert exploration remote oil, find the aircraft, it also has more than three hundred kilometers from the nearest town.

historian Andy & middot; Sanders said, & other; 70 years later, the aircraft still stay where ever fall, it has not been buried under the sand, it just sat there silently, it’s like incredible time capsule, the finding would be tantamount to aviation tutankhamun. Throughout the &;