The model tree was arrested for drug use ignition light burned 3500 years old

(Sarah & middot; Barnes on social networking sites to upload their photos)

(police Sarah & middot; Barnes)

according to the British “daily mail” reported on February 29,, an American female models ignition light in the dark for their drug use, will be the world’s fifth longevity trees burned to death, this old tree is 3500 years old.

the model named Sarah & middot; Barnes Barnes (Sara), 26 years old, from Florida. On January 16, 2012, Barnes came to lang wood (Longwood) the giant trees of the Park Tree Park (Big) drugs. In order to see in the dark, she ignition light, was snatched a tree called & other; Senator & throughout; 36 meters high tree, 3500 old cypress trees burned to death, then ran away.

Barnes cell phone photos of the trees caught fire, but she didn’t call the police. Her evil deeds by two witnesses saw the police identified the identity of the Barnes. Police have found in Barnes meth, scale and drug paraphernalia.

Barnes was arrested after being widely condemned, because this old tree is a symbol of Florida lang wood’s history, native americans in central Florida will this tree as landmarks along the way. It was used in lightning, hurricanes, drought and other extreme environment survive. & other; Senator & throughout; On the fire for several hours, at first the government thought it was caused by lightning natural fire destroyed it. (Yang)