“The most beauty teachers” crash moments away students were rolling legs amputated (FIG.)

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b. coach

& have spent 8, 20 2:38, in front of the jiamusi north fourth middle school sheng li road, a bus waiting for the teachers and students to get on the bus, the vehicle is out of control due to any driver mistakenly touch lever into the students, under critical condition, li-li zhang will students aside, I was run over to the car, causing his legs amputated, wounded four students.

according to jiamusi propaganda department staff: at that time the spirit of female drivers coker, with people talking on the bus, the legs don’t to the joystick, car suddenly shot out, and another passenger cars parked in front of the collision, conveniently and crashed into a higher iveco passenger cars parked on the side of the road and on to a car. Evening class at school, crowded, 19 middle school teacher li-li zhang in the process of counseling students, found the vehicle crashed into the students, in a critical situation, students struggled to aside, she will themselves be run under the car.

after the accident, the relevant departments of the accident investigators, and demanded that the hospital go all out. It is understood that li-li zhang this year 29 years old, is 19 middle school language teacher. Was injured students and teachers from 19 middle school, the school because of school buildings are decorated, third year students to rent or borrow 4 buildings. According to a student parents, school to bus shuttle students, 20 days a month 140 yuan, the school is dark.

jiamusi score 10 teachers Wang Xiaoqian said: & other; When I found out that li-li zhang, she has been lying under the car, at that time a lot of students in shout & lsquo; Help the teacher & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

the reporter understands, in order to bring the graduating class, li-li zhang first choice not to have children, every day a lot of time spent on students, this little by little, make your co-workers admire already, and let the parents love dearly. Students’ parents Jia Gongjie said: & other; Li-li zhang to pick up the class time just got married and now less than two years, during this period has been pregnant, in order to bring the class, she put the children have a miscarriage. Throughout the &; Wang Xiaoqian said: & other; Li-li zhang found that students who didn’t eat breakfast, she would give students eat their own bread. Throughout the &;

the reporter understands from jiamusi central hospital, teacher li-li zhang was seriously wounded, legs amputated, not out of danger, four students for minor injuries. 10 morning, Harbin university courtyard hai-bo li, jian-feng han two professors to jiamusi central hospital, li-li zhang consultation for treatment.

it is reported that the injured students participated in the China life in the school student supplementary insurance, China life kiamusze branch according to accept insurance of insurance amount is 5000 yuan per person did first pay in full. At present, the driver has been criminal detention. (heilongjiang morning post)