“The most gorgeous national wind” into “divine comedy” video image “President of the United States version”

version “the most gorgeous national wind” (Jackson)

& other; What kind of rhythm is the most ah the swing, what kind of song is the most comfortable & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Recently, the order of the phoenix legend of “the most gorgeous national wind” occupied the major online community, Internet users for its forceful rhythms with different video screen, screen complete harmony, rhythm and music rhythm is & other; God synchronous & throughout; This song, and therefore by netizens as universal & other; Joker divine comedy & throughout; .

a short span of time, “the most gorgeous national wind” video appeared N version. From & other; Kebabs version & throughout; To & other; Jackson version & throughout; From & other; Chen kun version & throughout; To & other; South Korea’s version of the stars throughout the &; From & other; The President of the United States version & throughout; To & other; American high school students throughout version &; From & other; Old man granny version & throughout; To & other; Infants and young children version & throughout; From & other; The sitting room the bathroom version & throughout; To & other; Square dancing version & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Have seen people call & other; Human beings have been unable to stop “the most gorgeous national wind”! Throughout the &;

“the most gorgeous national wind” by video is widespread popularity netizens spontaneously, or plan in advance? Mr Is responsible for the promotion of the phoenix legend of bitter said: & other; The first popular online & lsquo; The United States ZUMBA version & rsquo; And & lsquo; Hunan satellite TV version & rsquo; Done, is authorized by the brokerage firm, & lsquo; South Korea’s version of the stars & rsquo; Shandong is a net friend, we also know in advance. But then there are more and more netizens blowout to launch all kinds of video, this is we can’t imagine, also we can’t control. Throughout the &;